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A soft-hearted & affectionate empath who is seeking someone to love. A best friend who would become my companion for life.
I’m a warm, passionate and unconventional Brazilian-British-Canadian who has gleaned the experience of living in 3 countries, and acquired 3 passports!
Lebanese, Syrian, Italian, Spanish, German and Ukrainian blood courses through my veins. Probably a few more.. They say us mixed have better genetics, so hey I’m not complaining!

I am a whole-hearted follower of Jesus. My greatest aspiration and motivation in life is to become like him in every area of my life.
This means that I aspire to be an accepting, compassionate lover of people, with an upside down value system.

On the outer layers you will hopefully see both modesty and funky looks that celebrates beauty and fun, I decorate myself with tattoos, ear tunnels, chunky glassed & necklaces. I like vibrant colours and absolutely love black & white. I like to have fun with the hair I have left, spike it up, shave it, die it, whatever!
I am a fit 5’10” / 145-pounder who works out at home and values a healthy lifestyle. I have a massive crush on vegetables and probably could not live without coffee!
I love animals and therefore I do not eat them. Here’s a joke for you: Q) How can you tell someone is a vegan? A) Don’t worry, they will tell you!

Paradoxically I’m a social introvert who’s both outgoing and a homebody, enjoys group hangs, quality time 1-on-1, and alone time.

Once you peel off the outer layers, you will find a somewhat adventurous free spirit who doesn’t take life too seriously and who adores having fun, making puns, being incredibly silly and breaking into spontaneous dancing! I love “chilling out” and watching a good movie, hanging out with friends, going to music shows, going for walks in nature, long drives, road trips, travel, etc

One more layer, and you will find a deep & intense soul, who places high value in excellence, complexity, nuance and beauty.
I’m a focused, intuitive feeler who values emotional intelligence and healthy boundaries.
I value honesty and openness no matter the cost.

I am a creative, out-of-the-box thinker who enjoys exploring new ideas, revisiting old ones and seeking truth. I have a mild disregard for fitting in or appeasing to the status quo or cultural stereotypes. Healthy, intelligent discussions stimulate me. I’m not easily offended or threatened by different perspectives, as long as there are open minds.
I tend to be intrigued and adoptive (as opposed to dismissive) of ideas such as veganism, electric vehicles, crypto currencies, flat earth, etc.

My ideal first date would be a good meal out, coffee or a walk.

Although I have a business degree and have had some office jobs, I spent the better part of my professional life recording, creating and producing music.
I have also dabbled in media, graphic design, video production and editing, etc.

I have 2 beautiful children and am fighting for them in court currently.
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First Date
Coffee + walk + something weird and interesting
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