If your looking for the perfect friend you’ll never find it. Because your not perfect.

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Living the life God has intended for me to live. Being there for others. Making people laugh. Classic movies, Antique vehicles, Evaluating things from other peoples perspectives. Understanding people’s needs and why they need what they need. Making frie
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HHHMM A man who strives to understand others first and accept them for who they are. Understanding people and spending real time with people is priceless because we only get so much time to make real friends. Meeting people is the easy part. Getting comfortable enough with people is sometimes hard and totally lowering your guard and letting a single person above all others in your life takes time. Ecclesiastes 7:26.

I’m not a high pressure person at all. I believe in slow and steady trust building and nurturing a friendship into a relationship organically. In short, I respect, appericate, and greatly value people’s time. We all have relationship goals and most of us have an ideal person in mind. But, does this ideal person match God’s will?

I’d like to meet, befriend, and explore what we have in common. As well as those things that will require understanding, work, and compromise. I think and feel more than ready to get to know the one above all others here on Earth that is for me and commit myself to her fully and everlastingly. At times, I have experienced those women who are very much against entertaining the idea of being involved with a divorced man.

I for one completely understand, respect, and pass no judgement on such a personal decision it’s her right. I pray that all people everywhere will diligently pray for understanding, direction and to ultimately seek and find the Father’s will for themselves and their future spouse and not give into their own will. The Father’s choice is the best and only choice! Please keep in mind that marriages just like everything else are both blessed and not blessed at all.

Unfortunately anyone can read online that the Christian divorce rate is roughly the same as the rest of the world. So, I’m staying by myself. Wrong! Sorry that does not work either man/woman are not supposed to be alone. Remember to love one another! We walk through many valleys each day so no big deal, have faith. I certainly do not have a better plan or greener pasture than what Father God has for me.

In my opinion, some of the more common things that cause a marriage partner to be unclean are alcoholism, drugs, sex outside the marriage, or an overall party spirit. Of course the Bible has much to say about being part of these things. My favorites are Ephesians 5:3-12, 1Corinthians 6:9-11, and 1Corinthians 5:1-13. Well, is the Father able to change a spouse’s heart and remove all the unclean and forgive the sinful acts?

In a word, SURE! But, that spiritual dead spouse has to call out and give their life once again to the Father. Sadly that does not always happen no matter the love, understanding, guidance, Godly counsel, and begging and pleading 🥺 that happens.

I truly believe that a positive life altering relationship is very much completely possible. Even if we both try to deny it. Because God’s will shines through. No matter how much pain we have both experienced form other people from our awfully passed relationships. If it is His will than I believe it will be done. What blessing could be?

I want to know your: peace, love, character, spirit, endurance, integrity, and patients. I want to know if you allow yourself to controlled by your circumstances? Remember what Paul wrote in Philippians 4:10-13? Do you recover quickly when you find yourself being tempted or when your already heading down the wrong road?
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I would provide lots of healthy communication and positive vibes! Lots of real sharing and honesty. Mixed with , excellent chemistry, peace of mind and harmony. Then at the end of our date loads of questions pour out at once about what our next date will include.
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