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I had been working various job (dairy farming,furniture/ cabin building, and gunsmithing) since graduating homeschool in 2011 trying to find a good fit for a lifelong career. After gleaning a variety of skills and considering several vocational studies, I settled on aviation maintenance because of it is a very hands-on job with opportunity for advancement and promotion. My goals in life include raising a family of upstanding American citizens with a vision for the future of a better world and Country for their progeny to enjoy.
When I complete the A&P course I plan to move to my back to my log home, finish building it, and take up my new trade either working under contract for the Air Force or for a private operation nearby.
Going to school was a big decision for me as I had just finished my dream home and was working a job I enjoyed. I took a large pay cut to relocate to Sidney, NE and attend school, but it will pay off with dividends.
I work a night job, manufacturing calf huts at Agriplastics Incorporated. When I'm not working or studying for Aviation classes I enjoy reading, wood carving, making music on my fiddle, and Hiking or spending time with family. As a teenager I was involved in the Civil Air Patrol Cadet program which included drill and ceremony Honor Guard Aerospace education, leadership programs, basic encampment (boot camp), and ground training for missing persons slashed downed aircraft. The Civil Air Patrol Cadet program was a great opportunity, which I learned a great deal from. By the time I had moved away from that area, I had earned the rank of technical sergeant. I'm kind of a low-key, reserved guy so it might take a little while for me to warm up, even to a gal who I like. I will tell you what I think though. I couldn't lie even if I wanted to.
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I like the idea of a group date with some very good friends going on a hike or just the two of us with a bag lunch.
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