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Let me start by saying I delete "WINKS"! They are meaningless "without" some basic meaningful words to follow. If you are winking at someone, you obviously have "something" to say. You're interested, right? Say why you are interested. If you just "wink" at me, I will assume you must have something in your eye! :-)

In addition to the above: Please do not contact me if you have no pictures posted. I like to SEE who I'm speaking to. I will respond ONLY to those who actually write something besides "hello" or "How are you". Write a little bit like you're expecting me to do. AND have pictures of yourself. Hopefully a full size picture and a few more!

I am looking for the love of my life. No mind games or players. I'm an interesting and fun individual once you get to know me. I'm a musician, and I can woo you off your feet with my singing! My whole family is musically inclined, and they are "extremely" talented. I don't say that big-headedly but from fact. I love to sing. I do many impersonations very well.

I'm 100% Italian and love to cook. However, I do love to be cooked for or to cook with my mate. I am a hopeless romantic. When I "love" someone, it's for real. I was raised to be faithful to one woman, and one woman only.

I refuse to be with someone who has wandering eyes. If your eyes wander, so will you. I am a devoted Christian man and expect the same in the woman the Lord has in store for me. And...just because I'm a devoted Christian, doesn't mean that I am not a captivated lover in the bedroom. I am one who loves to hold hands and kiss and am not afraid to show affection. That's a biggy for me! If you're ashamed to show your affection for the one you love around other people, you're not for me! That doesn't mean that I want to put on an exhibition in front of people, just ordinary human affection. The unordinary... I'll save for in private!! :-)

I love the music from the 40's, 50's, 60's, and some 70's. You'll find that I'm an extreme fan of The Beatles and Elvis. Are you interested yet?!

I'm not the most handsome man in the world, yet I'm not the ugliest. I'm balding, but once had more hair than you probably now have. :-) (younger years)

Ladies...just a few words to you.... There are just as many creepy guys out there as there are creepy women. "You" only meet the creepy guys on these sites, but believe me, both sides exist. If you are the type who will ignore a guy's attempt at talking to you whether it be by chat box or sent messages, just because you're not attracted to them "physically," stay clear of me. Grow up for goodness' sake. Be nice/kind and have the decency to at least acknowledge receipt of their attempt, even if you have to take two seconds to say "thanks so much...but I'm not interested," instead of just blowing them off as though they didn't exist. They took time for you. Be appreciative of the fact. I don't buy the old line of "if I took the time to acknowledge 'all' the messages I receive." Take the time! You chose to join the site. That doesn't allow you the right to do away with your common morals and human kindness. It's just simply laziness. If the guys are being rude... that's another story, and they deserve to be blown off. Well... that's my story, and I'm stickin' to it! LOL

I look forward to meeting a great woman out there, hopefully the love of my life. Let me hear back from you. If you have no photo, you won't hear from me. I like to see who I'm dealing with. True... looks aren't everything, but they're a huge part. I will respond to "everyone" who has a photo and attempts conversation with me. But... I will be very upfront with you from the beginning... so don't feel bad. I expect the same from anyone else. I'm a big boy and can take it. What I can't take is someone who totally ignores my kindness.

Hope to hear from that beautiful young woman of my dreams soon! By the way... Hello... I'm Rick!

I am Italian, Romantic, and Available
First Date
First dates should be left to the two concerned. Where ever or what everr they can both agree upon going or doing. I'm open for many options. I enjoy putt-putt, dinner out, possibly a movie following, a country drive, walk in a park, or even a simple meal at home and chatting, or watching a movie on the tube. I could enjoy a glass of wine.
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