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Acoustic guitar, piano, bass, Netflix, Youtube, ocean, beach, boats, amusement parks, nature, online gaming, family, close friends, nature, philadelphia sports teams, zombies, scary movies, the occult, the apocalypse, demons, fallen angels, illuminati
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Angels mated with earthly women corrupting the natural order...giants are real...monsters are real...space is a lie(this is coming from someone obsessed with star wars as a child, then star trek and sci-fi in general for 40 years...and no doubt from this space junkie that outer space as its been presented to us since early childhood is a total sham...people need to apply the most basic biblical passages to this situation...God forbid man to ever reach the 3rd heaven where he sits through man's own physical means at the tower of Babel and scattered them and confused their language to prevent it...at what point did he ever change his mind on this matter???...here's the answer...HE DIDN'T...nothing new under the sun...history just repeats itself...one world government trying to merge the heavens and earth at babel back then...one world government at the end times trying to accomplish the same goal...nothing new here)...by the way, the "3rd heaven" isn't some made up wacky theory (it's just clearly stated in 2 Corinthians 12:2) NASA is run by people who serve Satan and are working against God's creative design(so why would you believe them??...their father was a liar and a murderer from the very beginning)...gravity is a lie...the earth is contained, immovable, flat, motionless, has a foundation, and is resting on pillars, with God's throne directly above the firmament...the pre-trib rapture is a massive deception...Apostate Jerusalem is THE harlot of babylon found in Rev(Christ tells you this in plain language in Matthew 23...not even debatable, don't even try...not America, not the RCC...granted, the RCC is a church of witchcraft and mysticism, but she IS NOT THE Harlot...try reading entire chapter of Ezekiel 16...not even debatable...stop listening to false teachers...just read what is written...it is not cryptic, it doesn't need "figuring out" or debate...just read what is plainly written...some topics are more challenging to discern and discuss...this topic is not...stop feeling the need to have an opinion for the sake of having one to satisfy your own ego...be right instead...opinions are a tool of the Dragon that open up the possibilities to promote lies and deception as being truth..so would you rather have an opinion that is completely wrong, or hear the truth outside of things you were falsely taught and be right...often, in order to learn truth a person must first admit they don't know squat and they have been listening to fools for teachers...it is hard to break that cycle and conditioning)...i freely admit there are many things I do not know...so do not mistake my passion for ego in regards to desiring people to break the cycle of their brainwashing since birth...the world is run by witchcraft...witchcraft is in the churches...their symbols saturate every facet of our society...if you have even a minor background in witchcraft and the occult, you would know this (I did, and I do)...Christian churches support witchcraft daily...both unknowingly and knowingly...if you are asleep or value having an opinion more than actually wanting to be right about these topics, I have no time or interest...if you are massively flawed, broken, and a hypocrite, I actually can relate to those struggles
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Coffee with lighthearted conversation😯🤦😆...here's the bottom line...i believe in the truth of God and Christ...but I am not a good Christian...now you will sift through alot of these "Christian" men on a site like this...and most of them are putting up a front...there might be a small fraction of guys that actually do pretty well with being legitimate Christians and really living that life and making a strong effort, and it would be nice if I was more like them in that regard...but even then they probably go to some fluffy church and really don't know squat about the depth of the mysteries of this world because they're surrounded by a false teacher telling them what their itching ears want to hear...i may be a not so ideal Christian...but I believe in the truth, even if I struggle to stay away from the entanglements of the world and my obsessions still to this day of the worldly things of my youth...so if nothing, at least I'm being honest about how I am...but anyways...as the title says...practically undateable...not Christian enough for a Christian woman, yet too Christian for a Pagan (I might be the poster child for an unequally yoked paradox, if there were such a thing)...it truly would take a miracle for God to find a person that would understand me...but anything is possible through Christ, even if it's undeserved...well, if anything, I'm certainly not boring😀
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