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I'm a born again bible believing christian living a life of sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ warning the unsaved and the lukewarm what to expect if they exit this world without Christ so they can make an informed decision before their soul and spirit jumps out of their bodies because one second after death is definitely too late to make it right with the Lord. What a privilege to be serving the Lord Jesus Christ through His Grace and being a member of His body looking forward to be part of the remnant soon to be quickly changed in a moment in a twinkling of an eye it can't get better than that (Corinthians 15:52) (1 Thess 4:16-17). I don't play games I'm not into any drama I'm not a player my unwavering conviction about my faith in Christ Jesus gives me the assurance of my tomorrow as the Holy Spirit direct my path. I'm not a hypercritical, superficial holier-than-thou kind of person. I'm conservative by nature calm loyal, honest, faithful, understanding, peaceful and loving. I don't believe in prosperity gospel although I believe God can bless His children in every area of their lives according to His own will but the main objective why He hung on that cross was to save humanity from eternal damnation (John 3:16) and He is still doing so through the power of the Holy Spirit and His blood . I don't believe in eternal security either often summarised as once saved always saved I strongly believe you can lose your salvation according to scripture. I'm fascinated about bible prophecy and the end times. It's an exciting time to be alive witnessing bible prophecy being fulfilled before our very own eyes. I believe in the pre-trib doctrine and I strongly believe we are the generation God mentioned in Matthew 24 sitting on the Mount of Olives as He gave a detailed briefing on how the scenes of the world would be prior to His return to catch (rapture) His Bride the church out of this crazy narcissistic world before an Islamic Antichrist is revealed. This individual described riding the white horse in Revelation 6 to a Muslim he is the Islamic "messiah" called Mahdi or the 12th Imam and to us Christians he is the Antichrist who will team up possibly with an apostate pontiff the false prophet who will deny Jesus Christ as the Son of God there are some alarming signs already from the Vatican if you're catholic about pope Francis making some bizarre remarks discrediting the Genesis account of creation and the death of Jesus Christ on the cross as a failur. Could the lamb described by apostle John with two horns pulling two religions together but speaks like the dragon in Revelation 13:11 come from the vatican? absolutely. A satanic agenda between Catholicism and Islam including other cults is on the horizon folks. The bible pinpoints to these two great religions as the main players of the endtimes the tribulation is coming the stage is being set , antisemitism is blazing, the spirit of Molech alluded to abortion is being welcomed all over the world, AI sex industry is booming , sexual immorality and sexual perversion has become the norm in our societies as it was in the days of Noah and Lot ,the love of many is waxing cold, many believers are having the form of godliness but denying the power thereof, false prophets and false teachers are deceiving many as the spirit of Antichrist takes centre stage. What lies ahead is brutal and total darkness don't even think of making this world a better place it's not gonna happen until Jesus Christ comes back to setup His 1000 year reign as King of Kings and Lord of Lords from Jerusalem Israel. The world is about to experience the most distressing time in human's history ,Jesus warned if the days were not shortened no flesh would survive Matthew 24:22. This Diabolical union of Islam and Catholicism will hold the entire world "hostage" and no one will buy, sell or make any transaction of any kind unless they take the mark, name or the number of the Beast on their right hand or forehead or they'll be beheaded the technology is already in the making . The seals, bowls, trumpets in the book of Revelation are horrendous judgements beyond human's imagination. My ultimate goal as believer is to reach as many people as possible with the core of the gospel of Jesus Christ not watered-down ear tickling kind of gospel no. It's imperative to warn people about eternal damnation, the unspeakable, terrifying horrors of hell beneath our feet is something to ponder about folks. There are millions if not billions of damned souls in gruesome torture beyond imagination ,untold terror of fear and suffering, people are screaming on top of their "lungs" regretting every decision they ever made in this life engulfed with fire and brimstone burning day and night without rest tossing about like a troubled sea, gasping for air for the rest of eternity incarcerated awaiting judgement with no hope, future or escape. and some of those people used to be our relatives, parents and friends husbands and wives sons and daughters they died without Christ. Every second around the world people are descending into the abyss the underworld isn't a myth it's a place prepared for the devil and his angels Jesus said in Matthew 25:41. And to my Catholic friends don't be fooled purgatory doctrine is a fantasy God has no "demilitarised zone" it's either hell or heaven don't gamble with your soul hell is a reality ( Luke 16:19-31 Rev 20:11–15 Hebrews 9:27) . Jesus preached more about hell than heaven. Today people find it extremely uncomfortable to talk about hell and yet we are all a breath away from eternity and the question remains where will you spend your eternity? Our next breath on this planet earth is not guaranteed but our death-day is a guarantee an appointment you and I cannot cancel or reschedule. I respect people of other faiths and their beliefs but unless they repent and be born again their souls are doomed. (John 14:6) JESUS IS THE WAY THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE there is no other way eternal life is rooted in CHRIST ALONE . How we live our lives today will determine our eternal fate. If interested please get in touch we can be friends and see where it leads someone who is not shy about their faith in Jesus so we can compliment each other a family orientated lady any questions you're free to ask God bless
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