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Hi, hope you are doing well.

A little about myself: I'm a practicing Christian that believes in the Holy Trinity (God, Jesus, Holy Spirit). I currently attend a local Christian church that follows Jesus Christ's teachings from the Holy Bible. I'm a non-denominational Christian because as true Christians, we are living as disciples of Jesus Christ. We should avoid having strong church denominational (human made) differences, as that may hinder our relationship with Jesus and our fellow Christian brothers and sisters. Stick to God's living Word and holy scripture in the Bible.

I have my life together, busy, and live a healthy and clean lifestyle. I recognize that everyone has different backgrounds/values and no one is perfect. That said, I have standards and virtues because as a Christian, I have accepted Jesus into my life by dying to old sinful self and spiritually reborn. God's/Jesus' grace has saved Christians and set us apart from non-believers.

Therefore, I ask you to be honest with yourself and know what you are looking for on this app (God knows your heart and intentions). Many women are commonly looking for a "God fearing man", but the true reality is they are also dreaming/fantasizing for a tall white foreign man for various benefits. There's nothing wrong with that if that is your heart's desire, but I have no interest in women whose heart is set on those preferences.

If what I mentioned above doesn't apply to you and you are sincerely looking for a potential romantic relationship, then please read the following carefully because I have preferences too. I value everyone's time, so contact me only if you are a genuine God fearing Christian woman who is single with no past marital history, no sexual intimacy with another person, no kids, no tattoos (Leviticus 19:28), and no addictive behaviors. I meet these criteria and I'm looking for the same. Some people fail these criteria because they have fallen astray and gave in to sinful temptations. To be very clear, if you had any sexual activity in the past with any ex-boyfriend/ex-husband or with anyone, please save yourself time and don't contact or wink at me. Friendly hugs and light kiss that you did in the past is ok. Making out and sleeping in bed/couch/table/car/anywhere (people are creative) with someone for sexual intimacy is not acceptable before marriage. God sees it all. If you read and honor God's Words in the Bible ~ Hebrews 13:4 you should know why. For those who were in bad relationships that didn't work out, widowed, sexually molested without consent, or had no control of the situation; I'm truly sorry for what happened. God will judge accordingly on the day of judgement and provide justice. Thanks for your understanding and I wish you well, God bless.

One more thing I want to share as words of encouragement. God designed each of us to be loved and the ability to love others. If I don't reply back, please forgive me as there could be various reasons (busy, technical issue with this app loading messages due to ads, etc). Ultimately, God/Jesus loves you unconditionally.

👤Single, no marital history, no kids.
🚫No hook ups/one night stand, smoking, drugs, tattoos, diseases, scammers, ungodly activities.
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