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The choices to describe yourself are pretty limited here and donít tell the whole story so here's a little about me to try to fill in some gaps.

I'm a practicing Christian with a hunger to know and serve the Lord. I was raised Catholic and still attend a Catholic Church but struggle with some of the Catholic doctrine and practices. I also participate in a Bible study and occasionally attend services at a local Baptist church. Since there are no perfect churches on earth, I prefer to think of myself as just a Christian and not to identify with a particular denomination. I lean toward conservative Christian values and I feel at home in churches of most Christian denominations as long as they are true to the Bible. In fact, I have many friends from different denominations and often attend events at their churches.

I'm not a saint and often fall short but I try hard to live a biblical life. I'm very involved in both church and community service activities. I enjoy being involved but I must confess I tend to be somewhat of an introvert personality. I'm often the quiet one in the group, even when with friends.

I'm family oriented and have 2 daughters who are grown and on theyíre own as well as 3 grandsons. Although none of them is saved at the moment, I always try to be there for them in whatever way I can and plant seeds of faith in their lives wherever possible. I don't smoke, drink very little and don't care for big parties.

I'm a country-oriented person and don't care for the city. My favorite place to be is the north woods of New England. I enjoy exploring the main streets and back roads (especially the back roads) of New England or just getting away to a secluded spot for some R&R. My dream is to be in a log cabin by a stream in the woods surrounded by nature and trying to live a relatively simple life. I would also someday like to RV across the country and perhaps visit Alaska. I don't know if I'll ever get to do it but it's on my list.

Iím hoping to develop a close friendship with a traditional Christian woman who has a Biblical worldview. Someone who is content to be friends with no expectations beyond that unless we both feel the Lord is leading us to something more.

You should also attend church regularly. We should be honest with and supportive of each other and always willing to forgive when we mess up. Hopefully, we can nurture each otherís best qualities. It would be nice if you were somewhere within driving distance of northeast Massachusetts so that we could at least have a chance to meet up occasionally but if the Lord has a long distance friendship in mind then so be it.

It's difficult to describe everything about yourself all at once and I'm sure there's lot more to tell. If what I have shared here catches your interest, I hope you'll write so that we can start to get to know each other.
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Probably lunch or dinner somewhere. I'm open
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