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Spiritual warfare. Proverbs 31. Relationship with Jesus Christ to where i care about what He thinks so no! --- compramise is not comfortable for me and yes He does inform me of complacency. His will be done if I find a man to marry on here. Recieving Dissability due to past issues I am getting out of surely and effectively. Praise the Lord!

I am not perfect compared to proverbs 31 but you know-
I want a man who is able to seek the Lord and KNOW if i am a no way or a yes pursue this woman. I want a husband who fears God and desires a woman who fears God and is always growing. I want a man who knows his Bible- feels uncomfy about compromise and is repentant if he ever falls. I want a man that wont allow a Jezebel Ahab type of relationship to be- or a Jezebel Ahab marriage to be torn apart... but changed- into a holy pure marriage. Fedelity to Christ is #1 above all. Are you a man that will let me be a help meet and help me help meet biblically in love not Lording over to also prepare me for the Day Just like Christ loves the church? I am a woman who is willing to admit when wrong even if it takes counsel and Bible verses and a dream or vision from the Lord to get it through my head. I want to make sure my foundation is found in Christ and that I can be with or without a man. He wants me to work with couseling troubled children one day and working with children when it comes to dance. I have a pending missions trip yet to be confirmed. I am really sweet and cute and precious and funny. Very giving. Wisdom from the Lord keeps growing. I am on here for a serious purpose that I only want God to win or lose for me. So do not be shy. God can give and take away. No hard feelings if you do not feel it and wish to delete my number later. I am into healthy eating and healthy living even organic truths. Whether it calls for a wake up at 4AM or a take a two hour nap daily: The best is the best. Oh but I LOVE hamburgers and pizza :)
First Date
First date : Going out to lunch to eat and enjoy ourselves. Then walk around exhibits while conversing and flirting with words amd smiles and jokes.

Second date: A Public Bible Study or a group lunch outing, local events where i dont feel tempted to dance to sinful stuff like lady gaga. I will not go to a movie if it is Disney oriented or a kind that condones sin.

These are ideas :)
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