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Update: God is preparing to move me geographically in the next few months. Ask me for details if you are interested!

Greetings, and thank you for coming to my profile!

My faith in God is the most important part of my life and is central to who I am as a man. I love God so much, and enjoy spending time with him, be it church, praying, worship, etc. I am very active in my church and am a part of Children's Ministry/Next Gen, Young Adults, and occasionally the Middle school/High School ministry. I am passionate about missions on a local and international level. I've been on a few missions trips already, having been to New Orleans shortly after Hurricane Katrina and to South Carolina to repair homes devastated by hurricanes (hence the picture of me on one homeowner's home in my profile). I will be going with my church on a few more missions trips in the not so distant future, though I'm still praying about which trips I'll be going on. I'm also an active student at the church's partnership with a college and am currently in a seminary school program to be a Pastor. While in school I am working full-time as a Personal Banker at a local community bank and enjoy working with my customers to assist them with their financial needs.

I enjoy a large array of interests, depending on my mood for the day. I love to travel and adventure to new places. I enjoy sightseeing, going to visit places to learn about the history, and visiting landmarks. I love the outdoors and always enjoy getting outside, whether it's a hike up into the mountains, a night hike under the stars, or just a leisurely stroll by a lakeside or dipping my toes and feet into the lapping waves of the ocean. I absolutely love to go watch the sunset and sunrise no matter where I am. Sometimes, just kicking back and relaxing to a movie, playing board games, or spending quality time with friends and family is a much needed reset.

I have an old-fashioned way of looking at life and was probably born in the wrong century. I enjoy the little moments of life's pleasures, like reading a book and relaxing on a hammock, appreciating God moments as they arise, and sharing a meal with a significant other. I have an old-fashioned view of dating, as well. I believe in asking permission from the parents of my significant other not only to (eventually) marry her but also to date her. I am a true gentleman and am very chivalrous, whether it's holding the doors open for you, helping to take your jacket and hang it up for you, or paying for meals/activities. I am the guy that holds the doors open for folks, the guy that sees the elderly woman/man in need of help putting their groceries into their car and goes to help, a guy who enjoys to give to his community and to his church. One of my dominant love languages is quality time. That means that I will truly enjoy getting to know you and wanting to spend the time with you and making you feel special and the way that a woman should be treated. I've held traditional values/morals for my whole life that aren't typical to have in this generation, including staying pure and saving myself for my future wife after the wedding.

In terms of what I'm looking for, I'm looking for someone who is ready to settle down and desires seeking a commitment for marriage. I believe it's best to start off as friends and build that foundation while praying/seeking favor over the potential future together. I believe common doctrinal beliefs are essential for an equally yoked couple, and I'm seeking someone who is Born-Again and active in her faith. Common interests are important, too, as well as common goals and desires for the future.
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I'm open to pretty much anything, as long as I get to spend quality time with her
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