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4 Yr College Degree
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Worship, Music, Songwriting, Birdwatching, Rockhounding, Tennis, Travel, Nature Tours in other Countries, Photography, Volleyball, Disc Golf, Board Games, Bible Study
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I was a worship leader for 25 years; the presence of God is my deepest passion. I play the piano and write songs; some are sung in churches and played on radio stations around the world. I am in awe of God's creation - I love color, shape, texture - my favorite categories of nature would be birds, rocks, butterflies & flowers, in that order. I love photography, and am also fascinated by sunsets and cloud patterns. I have a quick-wit; I'm a punster - love to play on words, so I'm spontaneous -- I can't memorize jokes, and please no dirty ones. I'm intelligent, but not nerdy or condescending. I love people, period. I'm compassionate and caring. My language of love is 'touch', so I want a physically affectionate partner. But when it comes to sexuality, I have a firm line drawn in the sand - I am a strong advocate for chastity outside of marriage. I was a virgin before I got married, was married for 23 years and raised 10 children; went through a devastating betrayal and divorce, and have been alone for several years, and will remain chaste until I re-marry. I am an advocate of natural health & fitness. I'm very careful what I eat -- which is almost entirely organic/non-GMO, gluten-free, nitrate/nitrite-free, hormone-free, etc. I stopped drinking dairy and soda as a teenager, I avoid caffeine, I've never smoked anything (not even salmon, lol), I've never used any illegal drug, I avoid pharmaceuticals, I'm very anti-alcohol, avoid fast-food restaurants (except Chipotle), and have kept myself in decent shape, and people often comment on my great skin -- which is from eating and using safe, natural products over the years. If I were describe myself in one sentence, I would say I'm a loving, joyful, creative, faithful & powerful man who loves truth. I've stayed in one home base area all my life, but I've traveled all over the world. I've been to all 50 states, almost every province of Canada, and every continent except Africa (on my bucket list) and Antarctica (no desire). I prefer warmer climates over colder climates. Spring is my favorite time of the year - April through June. I'm a blend of Greek/English/German/Dutch. I want a life-partner to be my companion for the rest of life's adventures, who loves God, loves to laugh, is sweet-natured, a good communicator, healthy, positive, engaging, enjoys giving and receiving massage, exhibits the fruit of the Spirit, can put up with my zeal for birds & rocks, and has a heart for orphans. Physical beauty (natural, not glam) is important to me, but inner beauty will win out every time -- I'm looking for someone who has both, but isn't vain or materialistic. I like simple and practical. I've never tried to keep up with any Joneses and I don't believe in faking it until you make it. I don't love "this world" - this is a temporary space and my soul is set on a new world & eternal life. But I do love this earth and God's creation, and like to imagine what the new heavens and earth will be like. Come dream with me!
First Date
Getting to know a person is paramount. So, an activity conducive to deep heart-to-heart communication would be my choice. That might be over dinner, it might be in a scenic spot where we can just sit and talk, or walk & talk, or maybe sticking around after church and going to a coffee shop -- although I don't drink coffee, so they gotta have smoothies. :)
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