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So im not sure how many people actually are looking for like starting a friendship and seeing where it goes, but that the kinda dude i am. I am hard working, i love my specific line of work. I produce Audiobooks for a living, i am both, voice and production. Its a good paying profession, but certainly not an easy one. My current goals are buying a house out of town to reduce the ridiculous single living costs. I LOVE nature. So much. I love being active.

I am a christian, i love Christ, i belong to him. He knows my name and he hears me. I was born without a father, group up in foster care and group homes and have lived a tough life. But through it all my father in heaven has taught me so so much. I have changed so much throughout the years im not even the same person in any respect.

Physically ive gone through alot too. I was once pretty built but thin, rockin dem abs, life, and medical problems, and a whole host of bad situations pilled on top of one another added to gradual weight gain. I have lost close to 100 lbs over the last 5 years. And im in ffantastic shape. I went from having severe back pain and unable to walk a block, to walking 5 KM with ease. I spent alot of my 17-21 years of age working out very hard. I am stronger then most men by far. I can easily bench over 300lbs still and squat over 600lbs (not embellishing, i dont embellish). I have lost 10 sizes in the waste and 2 in the shirt sizes. Although i still love my big comfy shirts. I feel great and have made really good desicions these past years.

I believe in saving it for marriage. But if im honest, i have not been as pure as i should have been. I still am saved for marriage. But i have made mistakes here and there along the way.

Im pretty confident, but also a weird combination of innocence to some degree. I have had a few love interests, one serious girlfriend, and im in the stage in life where i am ready to explore a connection with someone, and see if we fit, and can help each other in life.

As you can tell, im honest. I have a lot to offer the right person. Things that only a hard life can teach, and i believe some day i will make a good father. In marriage my goal would be to please and honor my wife. To establish a safe and productive place for my family, and eventually when kids happen, to raise them, in the best way possible, and teach them all i have learnt in my life.

My dream is to own a home, connected to the grid with good internet, thats just far enough away that there is peace and privacy, and im surrounded by nature. Also i plan on purchasing a lot near a body of water, and building a self sustaining log home with mostly hand tools, and some good old fashion butt and hand strength lol. Looking for the woman who wants to be a part of my life, and help me be a better man, while i provide for her and honor her.
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