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science, dancing, chess, movies, hiking/walking, swimming, scuba, marine biology, politics, social issues, evolution/creation
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I’m a working man, self employed for 26yrs, ex is long gone. I have lots of tp and sanitizer, and I know how to use it! The sanitizer! What were you thinking lol First girl I was interested in said “you’re different”. I was 14. I think all the women I’ve dated and my best friends would probably agree. I’m not the “normal” guy. I’m quite typical in many ways but just a little bit “off” enough to be different.

At our age, I’m not looking to date the way I would when I was in my 20’s. I’m still a romantic, flowers, moonlight walks, dancing, dinners, etc but dating for 5 yrs just to see if we’re compatible? I think at this age we should know ourselves enough we can ask better questions and we know what are our Must Haves and Can’t Stands and our “I can put up with that”s.

I want to meet someone I’m physically passionate about but ALSO intellectually desire her company and conversation. Just talk normal. What would we talk about if we knew each other for 20yrs?
Same faith, morals, ministry, social interests and a passion for each other.

I’m not looking to be friendzoned. I’m not looking for a platonic relationship in the long term. Looking for a wife, a helpmate, a companion, someone I simply like to be with. But I also want to wait till marriage. Its old school, but I’ve learned the hard way, objectivity goes out the window if intimacy happens too soon. I’m confident we’ll be compatible in bed, or the kitchen, or the….well, you get the idea ( as Data would say, I’m fully functional, programmed in multiple techniques) but I want to know if we’ll be compatible in “life” before we start down that path.

Also, I am not that kind of guy that knows how to talk to women to get them “all excited and attracted”. That’s the guy that gets women into bed regularly. I ain’t him. You want to talk relationships, religions/faith, science, astronomy, politics, how to fix a toaster, cars, etc etc , great. I just never really learned that “art of attraction”. Some women want that, want the guy to give her those butterflies. Oh, I can flirt, just be careful if you get me started ;) lol
Ever watch a Kevin Costner movie where he says “I don’t know what to say. Tell me what to say!” I relate to that.

I’m also that guy that likes to fix things. If you tell me an issue my mind is churning out possible solutions. If you have a nail in your forehead and complaining about a headache… if you haven’t seen it, do a search, “Its not about the nail” or click here: https://youtu.be/-4EDhdAHrOg

Let me describe this a little better; I can be very utilitarian at times. Looking for someone who is my passion, 2nd to Christ. I think of you when I go to sleep and when I awake. When I drive by those “flowers for $5” stands I want to stop and get you some just because I know it will make you smile. When you’re ill I want to be there for you, bring you what you some soup or tissues or extra blanket, or something to brighten your spirit. Pick a place in the world where we both would like to travel, enjoying our time with each other. Go take some dance classes, or exercising, or walking on the Spit or the various trails. To make plans and goals together, choose a mission to serve. Its about living life…together. Its not all about just “fun”, its intermixed, the challenging times bring us closer together and we appreciate the fun more.

Movie references, Richard Gere’s proposal in Runaway Bride
Jame’s Garner’s reply to his children about staying with his sweetie in The Note Book
Passengers, the “life” they lived
Your’s Mine and Ours, the orig with Henry Fonda, as he explains relationships to his daughter as he’s taking his wife to the hospital
For you old schoolers, Archie and Edith’s relationship. (but I’m not quite like Archie 😉 ) But he sure loved her!
Many more examples.

Oh, I live on Vancouver Island in BC Canada. For a relationship to work, one of us would have to move. So see where the Lord leads.
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