The best marriages are those who put Jesus first and walk in love and forgiveness.

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Walks,conversation,missions,helping poor,sharing gospel,research,sledding/skiing,news,bible study/prayer together,fun with kids,looking at flowers,shopping/dinner together,beach,go karts,exploring,day trips/vac,photography,festival/fairs,nature,music.
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Jesus is the key to marriage--putting Him first;--along with love and forgiveness. Jesus is my True True Love, sent from the Father above; He's True, He's True--Through and Through--Jesus is my True True Love !

**Without the Lord Jesus Christ, I can do nothing ! So I give Him alone all the thanks and praise and honor and glory !

Christian man who loves Jesus and the Word of God and people and has a soft kind heart.

Others guess I am much younger--and I am young at heart, with the joy of the Lord, as my strength. Jesus is my life !
(photos of me summer 2019--others I wrote the words and took photos)

Looking for a Christian lady to marry, who loves Jesus and the Word of God and people and has a soft kind heart. Committed to marriage in unconditional love.
(I have never had my own children--so I have a special place in my heart for children of all ages, step children, ect.. Don't have to have my own biological children.)

Others would say I am: affectionate, kind, patient, loving, forgiving, faithful, committed, considerate, funny, joyful and passionate; intellectual, but not always enough to spell properly : ) ;thank the Lord for spellcheck to re-educate me... I can be very silly and goofy at times : )

When I was a kid I was more shy. Now more outgoing. At times laid back; serious when needed; can be very funny; like to reach out in love with the grace of Jesus, and gospel to people. I Like to have meaningful conversation.
So much today is shallow communication. Conversation should be in love and with respect.
Like to have fun and just be together and do the normal every day things of life. Doing life together, with Jesus as our Shepherd.

Looking for a lady who is a Christian according to how God defines it in The Word of God, Being a Christian means, that I have trusted only in the Lord Jesus Christ and His finished work of dying on the cross for the total payment of all my sin (not trusting in my own good works or rituals/ceremonies for salvation from sin), for sin past/present/future, and that I have a new life, in Him. That the Lord Jesus is my new life--a two way living relationship--and He helps me--as I yield to Him. Jesus helps me to grow and to live according to His ways of love and grace, according to The Bible, The Word of God.

Interests: Taking walks in the park together ; conversation; looking at flowers; shopping together; dinner together as a family; going to the beach; go karts; camping; exploring; short vacations or day trips; festival/fairs; sharing the gospel; helping the poor; missions; research; working on cars sometimes; sledding/skiing; photography; keeping up on the news; interesting programs on tv/documentaries; bible study together; prayer; having fun with kids.

It takes two people to make marriage work--by following Jesus and His ways of grace, love, forgiveness, patience, kindness, truth, honesty, sacrifice of denying self will to get victory over sin. The closer the husband follows Jesus; and also the closer the wife follows Jesus, the greater their love will be toward one another; and the greater the blessings of the Lord will be. But it takes two following and growing in Christ. I John 1.7 But if we *walk in the *light, as He is in the light, we have *fellowship with one another...

Married only once. It was never ever my desire for separation or divorce; my heart was not hard.
*According to the application of the Word of God,
I Corinthians 7:15kjv; Because I was abandoned and divorced for no Biblical or right reason whatsoever;--I am “not under bondage” [not bound to
to the covenant of that marriage, in any way]; I am at liberty
to remarry according to the Lord.

The Word of God says: [biblical] Love fulfills the law of God.
Gods Love and the Truth of His Words, go together.

Over the years, I have done a fair amount of the Lord's work: assisting/helping in children's ministries; soup kitchen volunteering; nursing home visitation; missions minded and also gospel outreach.

*Hey, check out Thru The Bible Radio with J. Vernon McGee for the best Bible teaching I know of, on the radio and Internet, all 66 books of the bible taught in 5 years, in a simple manner, in 120 languages around the world. Also Joyce Meyer has excellent teaching on the mind/soul and relationships; tv/radio/internet.
First Date
First date--go some where to take a walk and talk or dinner and talk.
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