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Music, guitar, songwriting,surfing, paddle surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking
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Hi I`m from Barbados I`m in to surfing, paddle board surfing, paddle boarding, kayaking, sun, sand and sea the island style. When I'm not doing water sports I enjoy hiking, most music and playing guitar and writing songs. Occasionally I paint with watercolour. Some days after surfing I just like to sit on the beach and look at the sunset and take it all in the sights the smell the sounds the feeling of it all it's like it has it's own energy all the colours against the clouds and reflecting off the ocean with the silhouettes of boats in the distance as the sun slowly dips below the horizon revealing the twinkling of stars in the early evening sky. All by God's own design. What an awesome creator. I have my own business so somewhere in all this work gets in the way but is necessary to bring in a few dollars when my Father in heaven blesses me with it. Only the Father knows what this little venture on here will yield as with all things it's in His hands, if nothing more than I make a new friend or two and maybe one day you might even find yourself on vacation in my little piece of paradise on this small rock in the Caribbean. I believe all good relationships need to be friends first as a building block for trust honesty and respect for whatever comes after that if anything. I'm not a materialistic or superficial person. Don't like drama and conflict I like my pond with as few ripples as possible. I prefer my waves on the ocean and surfable. Im a one woman kind of guy looking for a woman who feels the same about the man shes with. I dont need a hundred women to be happy i just need the one woman out of a hundred that makes me happy. I dont really understand the cheating thing if you wish to be with other people then stay single dont mess with peoples feelings its most likely the most vulnerable and valuable part of who they are that they trusted to give you so cherish it. Sometimes i go and speak with kids and teenagers about God and having a releationship with Him and talk with them about staying away from the wayward side of life and all its enticements to temptations through various means and where it can lead them and when i can i go help with the youth camps we have a big one here at YWAM with youth coming from all over especially the US and its a lot of fun sports, games, music, contests, concerts, bible study, worship and prayer. I realize that the odds of meeting someone on here and actually meeting them in person farless having it develope into a serious marriage bound relationship are slim to none given i'm on a little island in the Caribbean and all of you ladies are miles away in different countries but my Father moves mountains and makes the impossible possible and has proven it many times in my life so anything is possible with my limitless Father according to His will. May God bless all of you beyond your wildest dreams and expectations and always light your way.
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