“What if your blessings come through raindrops “

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Hi! My name is Morgan :) I’m giving this a try, and I’m going to be as raw and honest as possible. (Nervous shaking). HERE WE GO....
I feel up in a Baptist church in Olmsted Falls OH. Where I found God and got baptized, along side my brother(younger). Then a year or two pass and the pastor who baptized me, committed adultery. . .i didn’t understand. How can you be preaching the work of God and doing this horrible thing to your family..fast forward we interviewed so many different men to be the “next”. We found one. Young and great, nice family, sweet kids (son who quickly became my best friend). But he told me my baptism didn’t count...Bc of the man who did it for me, that hurt...a lot. I told him it had nothing to do with him...that was my testimony to God my relationship with God, I was asked to leave the church. My family and I were on the hunt. .through this, I lost my faith, I was no longer sitting at Gods table. I was lost...I started having these thoughts followed by actions of suicide. I was depressed. My parents without me, started going to this church is Avon Ohio, called Hope. I attended and left feeling great! I left and crying all at once. But I still would not go every week. (If you made it this far, you deserve an award :)) until, it was Easter. This year...year 2019. I became a woman of God again, I went up and prayed with this lovely woman named Pat who was helping the plaster with the many different people. I sat back down at the table of God. With that being said I was in a relationship with my boyfriend for 3 years. Met him when I lost my faith, we’ve been through a lot together regarding my mental illnesses. He NEVER understood me. He never wanted to go to church with me.
I broke it off
It was the absolute right thing for me to do, I hurt because I hurt him, but I need a man strong in his faith. A man of God. A man that loves God more than he could ever love me.

If you think you can remotely be that guy message me :) let’s talk let’s go out :) thank you so much for reading my very long story !

Ps my photo I have a wig on. My hair is pretty short. I’m sure you’ll see pics. Instagram: pochatek2009
First Date
First dates are always hard.
But I’d have to say something low key, like a walk or a drink at the bar or something along those lines. NO MOVIES !! I want to be able to talk to you, and hear you LOL
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