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Camping, movies, walking down/up sandy washes, music, bbq'ing, gardening, sunrises, sunsets, mother nature, rocks, dogs,cats, life!
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Life is crazy. The people we are, aren't the people we used to be yet some how we are the same old us. I never saw myself at 43 and starting over again. Yet here I am. My past is filled will mistakes that I have made a point to learn from. That being said the past is the past and I don't live there. If your always looking forward you are always moving ahead.

I am a father of 4 beautiful children. They are all out of the house. 1 out of the country whom I talk to almost daily.

I enjoy the simple things in life. A cold beer, a warm hand to hold, and a chance to take a blank piece of paper and turn it into a airplane that will soar or a beautiful portrait of lovers embracing a new start. I garden indoors in the winter. I BBQ in the summer like the devil. I enjoy family and friends. I love spoiling my significant other. Trust in this, I will treat you like a queen and worship you like a goddess.

I'm done trying to sell myself to be honest. I'm hardly average and full of surprises. If you want someone who is fun, easy going, so multi-functional I might get a tattoo of a Swiss army knife lol, most importantly I love meeting new people, so what do you have to loose by saying "hi"?
(Edit: Don't say Hi and lead me on a wild goose chase and break my heart because your suddenly not sure if you want to date.... please and thank you.)
I'm looking for somebody that can reciprocate affection. Someone who is adaptive to "oh shoot" moments in life, there is always an answer and a way. I'm not looking for a Diva or a Princess. I'm also not looking for a slob. I don't care how complicated life can be as long as when "she"and I are together it can't break us, it can't do anything but makes us stronger. In a perfect world Id like a partner that gardened with me or appreciated fresh food all year all. Id like someone who like to adventure and try new things.

(These are thoughts, not paragraphs.I have about 406 thoughts a minute, 688 thoughts in my dreams and 9968 thoughts about getting a text from my future somebody Forgive the non template resume. Just honest rambling from the heart)
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Depends on the person and the time of year to be honest.
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