I'm praying that God will help me find the right one

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Big & Tall/BBW
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A Marriage Partner
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Stone Coal Free Will Baptist
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No way
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HS Graduate
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I write and make comics, I'm not sure if that counts as a profession though
Video games, movies, music, drawing, bowling, exercising, children
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Hi. My name is Morgan. I joined this site in hopes that I can find the right girl. I'm not sure if I'll find anyone or not, but if you don't think that we'd be compatible then please pray that I find someone who is. I trust God, but there are times when I have trouble with my faith. Even though I do sometimes feel like giving up I don't want to give Satan the victory. I know Jesus loves me and I know He cares. I've never really been the kind of guy girls fall for, but I just pray that I can find a woman that will. I promise that when or if I find her that I'll cherish her and protect her until the day that I die.I don't have a job, due to issues with my health. Mainly my lungs and my heart. I am fat. So if you are not attracted to fat guys then I'm not the one for you. I always have been a big guy and I always will be. If any woman wants me she's going to have to take the whole package. I want to someone who lives in the U.S. mainly in Kentucky, but if you are from anywhere else in the county and you're willing to relocate then maybe we can talk. I don't believe in sex before marriage and I don't believe two should live together unmarried, so if you're looking for that with me you got the wrong guy. I don't want to give everything about myself away so if you want feel free to message me. If you don't want to message then at least pray for me. I could always use prayers. God, let your will be done. It's in Jesus name I pray. Amen.
First Date
I wouldn't mind going to a movie. No fancy restaurants. Probably McDonald's or something. Bowling. It's been a while since I bowled so you'll probably beat me. A picnic under the shade. Or just sitting around somewhere talking.
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