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church,jesus,beach,hiking,reading,fantasy,science fiction,movies,Dodgers,Lakers,board games,card games,puzzles,video games,walking,long chats,bible study,bowling,roller skating,camping,exploring,exotic cuisine,cooking,much more
About Me
I'm Eric... I've dated my share of women and had one wife who was happy to be Christian unless it interfered with her own personal desires. I'm looking for a woman who is willing to obey God's Word even when it goes against her own personal desires. At the same time, I know that I'm not perfect, and I don't expect or want you to be perfect, either! I simply want you to be yourself, knowing that even when we have setbacks, God always calls us to repentance and draws us nearer to Him.

I would love to meet someone who enjoys fantasy and/or sci-fi, especially reading them but also movies and television! Those are my favorite genres, although I do enjoy plenty of others too. I love to go out and explore, try new restaurants, hikes, and much more (see my interests!), but I'm also totally content to spend cozy evenings at home, cooking or ordering takeout, and just enjoying each other's company, even cuddling on chilly evenings with a blanket wrapped around us

I don't want us to just feel comfortable with each other. I also want us to be able to fall in love. I want to gaze into your eyes and to be amazed at the love radiating from you, to get lost and to feel that desire to be one with you! I want to feel like I could sink into your soul and be yours forever. I want there to be a devotion and a passion between us that mere words could never describe!

I am definitely looking for a long-term relationship ultimately, hopefully with marriage in mind. If you just want to get to know me for a while first, or meet for coffee or ice cream, I'm okay with that! It's important to get to know each other at a pace that we both are happy with. I do believe that the Lord will bring me a person who is right for me. Pray before you reach out to me! Seek the Lord's will first. What we do for Him will last an eternity! And let's allow our Creator to guide us every step of the way.
First Date
For a first real date? Well, that depends on many different factors :) We could meet for coffee somewhere, or even breakfast or brunch. I'd love to go on a nice drive together, see some of the many beautiful places this state has to offer. We could go bowling or roller/ice skating together, we could enjoy a movie together, we could go to the beach or hiking, I could cook you a nice meal... the possibilities are endless! To me, while the ability to find a fun activity is important, getting to know each other is more so. But if you want me to make the decision, let me know, I'll gladly plan out something enjoyable for us!
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