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4 Yr College Degree
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got one.
Nature, Gardening, Qigong, Yoga, Fitness, Reating, Eating healthy(I'm a vegan), Documentaries, Learning something new, Sustainibility, Permaculture, Music, Travel, Raw Food,Smooth jazz, Indigenous cultures & wisdom.
About Me
I created this profile in an attempt to find someone old school, who appreciates the wisdom of old, is open minded and has an innate desire to learn in order to become a better being. I know its a big ask considering the kind of website this ought to be:)
So why am I here in that case?
If you are wondering, yes I was raised like yourself with the same beliefs and mind set. Life has chosen to awaken me to Existential Reality. So if you suffer from a bad case of cognitive dissonance, my profile and me(more importantly) are not your type(period).

What matters is essence. Essence is the substance you come with when you take on this human journey. Your ethnicity, geographical location, academic & professional achievements, bank balance, fashion sense, car that you drive, clothes that you wear, things that you possess aren't important because they are yours; not you. These are props necessary for surviving in modern societies but have no bearing on existential reality. Existential reality confirms you are alive, it also confirms that you are going to die just like it confirms the sun is going to set since it has risen. When a being looks at death in the face, the only things that matter are the ones you have filled life to to fullest:)
Your inner space is your essence, your depth. Depth is the only thing that I find value in.


Please don't bore me with lame one liners. Try taking a bit of fiber supplements with your diet if you are struggling with constipation.:)Don't ask me for pics, right off the bat. Yes, I've got something to hide- its my privacy:) Good looking but not desperate or/and needy or/and clingy. With or without you I exist and only I can come to terms with my own existence(because no one else in the world can do it for me?)

"Like a wave

The mind runs on
In search of happiness

Without understanding the nature of life

Your desire is just a small fish
But it grows into a whale

And even after catching the whale
You still want another small fish!

The wind blows
The boat rocks
On top of the waves of desire

The heart beats
Life happens
Because of the waves of desire

The waves are only on the surface of the sea
Deep inside, the fish are free

The desires are only on the surface of the mind
Deep inside there is just the dance of ecstasy

When you realize this, you will be blissful
And all the waves will be Waves of Bliss"
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Singing "comebyhea lord" as we bury this lame profile six feet under.
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