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Church, music, friends, food, fellowship, pets, food, home, most Hallmark movies, food, Christmas, travel, food, walks, DirecTv, food, computers, cookouts, picnics, spending quality time with my favorite people, did I mention food?
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I'm all about Christian family values, love, kindness, creativity, caring, thoughtfulness, forgiveness, faithfulness and commitment. I like to keep life light and fun. I am human and cannot promise perfection though I do promise to try. I am romantic, loving and kind, affectionate, easy to get along with, no drama. If we do hit it off, I will be happy to let love take its time.

I don't like talking about myself, but I have to this time so you can know me. So here goes. I am honestly a good guy. I walk that road by the grace of God and am so thankful I had Christain parents who raised me to be a gentleman. I don't have a white hat or a white horse, but you will soon find out I am a love that's true and steady. I try to live the kind of life that pleases the Lord, and I would ONLY be interested in a lady who does that too. I was born into a Christian family where trusting Jesus came naturally at an early age. I have never been in trouble with the law. I live by the golden rule. I am a very stable, very dependable man that you can count on. I know how to value and treat a lady with gentleness and love. I have good manners. I am very clean and my home is very clean.

I'm the guy that likes to open the doors for you, bring you flowers, do little, unexpected things for you, find out what you like and do that, show you a good time and shower you with love in so many ways. The way I see it, there are two kinds of men: The kind you need protection from, and the kind who would give his life, if necessary, to protect you. Just so you'll know, I am, and always have been and always will be the latter kind, and I wouldn't have it any other way.

I am looking for the LOVE OF MY LIFE, the real deal, to share the rest of my life with--a very special lady who will make time for me and love, respect and appreciate me, as I will do for her. Someone who can share the laughter and joy of each new day. Someone who is optimistc and fun.

I'm looking for a mature, Christian lady with "class," who knows her heart is ready to marry, who has settled down and doesn't smoke, drink, vape or do drugs. She has good manners. She takes good care of herself and lives a healthy lifestyle. She loves to go to church and be around Christian people and values Christian friends. She is humble, beautiful and conservative, with a healthy self-esteem. She will be sensitive to what God wants her to do. She does not love perfection or materialism. She loves the Lord and will have nothing to do with evil.

She probably lives within a reasonable driving distance from Tulsa, OK, so we can get to know each other. I might stretch that distance a little if necessary. I prefer someone my age or younger, in reasonable health. Let me know if you are interested, even if some of these points are a little different. I really am hoping to find someone who values health (I'm not looking for overweight).

I have served in various positions of service in church, especially church music. More on that when we visit. I hope to sing in the Christmas choir at my new church this year. My favorite song is Blessed Assurance. I love hymns, traditional services, Christmas carols, orchestra and southern gospel music. I play piano and organ and used to direct church music. Music speaks to my heart and "charges my battery."

I also like genealogy, reading, writing, computer research, home landscaping, minor photography and car shopping for friends, when I have time. Right now I am catching up on redecorating my home, which is in a nice, safe and convenient part of Tulsa. I bought and renovated it when I was 22. My church is not far away. I love my "Amazing Grace" Sunday School Class.

I enjoy decorating my home for Christmas and watching Christmas movies. I have a huge Christmas music CD collection. I have a big Christmas tree and a large set of lovely Christmas dishes. There is also a newly remodeled, beautiful kitchen that could be making a sweet lady very happy.

I have kept in touch with my special friends from Baptist Student Union at college for over 40 years and added many new friends. They tell me I have character. They say I am naturally friendly and funny without even trying. They value my friendship and say that I should become an author. I wonder why they would say that!?!? They appreciate that I have been a true friend all these years. I have been told that I am a very patient person. I have only the Lord to thank for that, because I was not very patient when I was young.

I am actually fairly healthy for my age. I think clean living and good choices go a long way to help that. I could be a poster child for the phraze, "Today's 60's are the new 50's."

Confessions: I am not a fisherman, hunter, camper, dog person or sports person. Mosquitoes love me and pass the word. My idea of ruffing it is the Marriott! And I can't whistle. I hope you're not too disappointed about that. But I'm good company and funny. And I can laugh at myself! I try to not take myself too seriously. You might like me anyway!

I am well educated. I have a degree in accounting and business at a state university, with enough credit in computer science to have claimed it as a major. And I have worked in all those areas during my career. I was able to be the communication link between people who worked in only one or two of those areas and together we got alot of work done. I am very thankful I was continuously employed for my entire career, and most of that time I was blessed to have a job I loved. I retired from city government at a local city hall after 31 years of service there. My career after graduating from college lasted 43 years. I give God all the glory for that.

I was single until I was 36, then I married my best friend and sweetheart, a wonderful, strong and very special Christian lady from my church, and adopted her four children (who have been "grown and gone" for many years). She was the love of my life for as long as she lived. We were married almost 30 years, tragically cut short by her sudden cardiac death, the hardest thing I have ever gone through. During all that time I was the loving and faithful husband and did everything I could for my wife and family. So you can be assured, I am the faithful guy that makes commitments and keeps them. When I say I love you, I really mean it. And I don't say it until I mean it. God has been faithful to see me through my whole life. Every day, at every turn, He has been there for me. I want the kind of relationship that honors Him at every turn.

I hope to begin vacationing some again. It isn't any fun now, though, without someone to share it with. I'm not one for extensive or foreign travel but some trips in the states would be fun to plan and experience together. A place I especially liked was the Sight and Sound Theatre in Branson, Missouri. I also liked the Great Passion Play and riding a train in Arkansas. Hawaii was also great. I have been other places and have found more that look interesting.

Despite other talents, I am not a talented cook. I'm trying to learn that. I am always happy to assist the cook. I make a good vegetable chopper. Right now I'd be glad to be a talented cook instead of being SO GOOD LOOKING! Seriously, some great, healthy cooking skills would be VERY MUCH APPRECIATED around here, along with your love, sweet smiles and pleasant company! Maybe you could even teach me to cook if you're up for the challenge. I like to eat out some, but not all the time.

I am romantic at heart. I still believe in true love, do you? I believe in love that stands the test of time. I believe God still brings sweethearts together for His glory. I believe in love so much that I believe it has a way of working itself out. Could you be the special lady I am hoping to meet? Please tell me YOUR story!
First Date
I just want it to be a special, memorable time of getting to know each other. The main thing is that we hit it off!
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