Active responsible man looking for kind mom to be.

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I don’t know anything about football and the current books I’m reading are ‘Creatures of the Same God’ and my Catholic prayer book which gets read daily.

Personality wise, I'm an aeries and I've been told the label describes me very well. I'm a homebody who also likes to go out, I have an IQ of 116, which means I over-analyze things, and also like to get into minute details and prefer them over big picture things. I'm introverted, introspective, and a deep thinker, and have a peaceful, gentle, and affectionate attitude.

I have transportation, a job, a home, a cabin, stability, family healthcare, and a responsible attitude. I am a hardliner on responsibility. I am 100% debt free, no mortgages, loans, or other debts.

A few interesting facts and feats I've done are; I once singlehandedly built a 2 car garage, I used to write stories and wanted to be a fantasy fiction writer, I love to camp and spend time in nature, I might want to move permanently to my home up north, I have apple trees that I eat apples directly from and love it, and plenty more that we can talk about.

Another thing, I don't like to waste time. I really have only recently gotten into trying to date. I spent years and years with women who I never intended to marry strictly out of loneliness (I do get lonely), but never dated around. So, I'm looking for someone who understands that we shouldn't waste time getting to know each other, and with the intention of marriage.
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I'm using this section to describe what I'm looking for:

I am looking for a woman who has a preference of being a mom, first and foremost. Someone who is organized and clean, and has a loving and affectionate personality. I can't really give a list of characteristics that I like, because I don't really believe in the 'perfect match'. The important things are major goals, and for me those are:
1)Have a family
2)Probably Homeschool (I minored in Mathematics in college and can help)
3)Be Catholic or be willing to convert
4)Be a good and moral person
5)Be ready to commit
6)Be warm hearted and sincere (cold hearted and insincere women aren't relationship material)

So I'm looking for someone who I like being with, who is realistic and is kind and loving, and who likes to be close to me. In essence, I'm just looking for someone to love me and any babies we have together.

Other than that, I don't look for a perfect match, just someone with the same goals as I and someone that I like being with. Even opposites get married and stay together, so I believe there's a variety of matches.

All of that being said, I think some good qualities in a woman would be: Good communication skills, Punctuality, Willingness to commit long term, Good Hygiene, and Selflessness.

And with that being said, some things I like are: Hugs, affection, sitting on a bench by the lake during a sunset, breathing in the autumn air at my cabin, dogs who wag their tails, John Denver, feeling the freedom of riding my bike through remote naturesque locales, and praying the rosary.
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