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My name is Chris, I am a 6’2 Bible college graduate with a Bachelor’s in Bible, Exposition, and Exegesis currently serving in full time ministry. You cannot really put a person into a paragraph, but I will do the best anybody can. Let me start by saying that I am not a great guy, or even a good one really, but I am in Christ, and that is all I need to define my life. The “Great Commandment” is something I take very seriously, and is the basis for everything I do in my existence. I value people, relationships and growth, more than material or money. I try to live life holistically, not only am intentional about my health spiritually, but also physically, and mentally. Currently, I also three hours every morning for the next year to intentionally grow in a holistic way. This takes place Monday through Friday, the first hour is for spiritual development, the second for mental exercises as well as assessment, then the third I do a six mile run. This is important to me as I try to lead in life and ministry. Right now I am in full time ministry. One part of this is through my church where I help lead our youth group, I lead a nursing home ministry, co-lead a life group, co-lead a college group, co lead a life group, help in leading an inner city ministry, lead in a house church, and serve in the churches encouragement committee. The second part is I travel to speak at different churches throughout the Midwest many Sundays throughout the year. This is big part or my ministry currently. Thirdly, I actively disciple others, get discipled by others, spend one on one time with various people, and sub for a Christian school. Do not be fooled though, while I sound busy I love what I do, and could never be a person with a sigh that says "I am sooooo busy." Time is something I take serious, and intentionally when it comes to investing it. Most of the time I am never too busy, and try to build a schedule that accommodates all aspects of my life in a balanced way. My overall goal is to through a balance of knowledge and experience, know Him and make Him known. Above everything my faith is more than a lifestyle, it is a life, a life centered on loving God then living for, and growing in Christ.
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It would be cool to go somewhere that is low key, and conducive for getting to know each other.
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