Perhaps one did not so much to be loved as to be understood.

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South Dakota
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Maintenance Manager and Bar Aid for  Kol, Press Start, and sometimes Murphy's Pub and Grill/ The Blind Lion Speakeasy. I also:
•Clean the Black Hills Party Pedaler.
• Collect signatures/Petition.
Unique. Comedian. Compassionate. Misanthropist. Operminded Deep Thinker. Perfectionst Writer. Thought Provoking. Discussing Hypotheticals. Easy Going. Social Skills. Appreciative. Integrity. Trustworthy. Workacoholic. Walking (Everywhere). Music. Decorat
About Me
I have a good heart and head on my shoulders. I'm very accepting, understanding and open to anyone's situation. I am empathetic and will try to help where I am able within my comfort. I'm actually fairly intelligent but witty and funny are my stronger traits. I work hard. I am loyal and believe it integrity. I'm looking for love and you will get as much of my attention as u desire.
•Communication is pretty key! In all seriousness just be yourself.
• Unless you tell me to, I'm not the type to make assumptions, expectations or pressures towards you until we're at a mutual comfort. So communicate with me your feelings on where we are at, and where you would like us to be.
•No matter what kind of relationship we develope, I will try and make the most of the time we spend together the best that I can.
• I am okay with developing normal healthy friendships that a person should probably have in life. So if this does catch your interest on any level, message me to talk.
• I love to have a good conversation with anybody, about almost anything. I am always curious to learn and expand my education and knowledge. Simply listening to the thoughts and opinions of others while keeping an open neutral stance, allows me to get along with almost anybody.
• I have a very unique sense of humor that can be a variety of witty, silly, and sarcasm but conscience to omit acts of being, judgmental or rude. It can take some getting used to at first but you'll catch on.
•I'm definitely a social person if the vibe is there. I like to intrigue thought provoking. No limit to the things we could tap into there. I have spent a lot of time deep thinking.
•I sometimes find comfort in writing/journaling some of what's on my mind. I am a perfectionist writer so not being able to express a thought the way I want to can be cause for pause. "It's like wanting to say everything all at once yet unable to say anything at all."
• I've seen and been through some crazy situations in my life! I guess really you never know what will be thrown in your path. "It all depends on everything." Keeping that in mind, Ive learned to:
-Go with the flow.
-Make the best of things.
-Just all-around enjoy life.
• I am very self-sufficient in a lot of my lifestyle but I have love for people that have been there for me in my life.
•Still searching for the one that completes me and gets the VIP. There is nothing that I long for so intensely than to have a woman who values my worth as I do hers and we fall in love with eachother for simply being us. I am single and available. Open to chat, feel free to ask me Anything.
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