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Electrical Engineering (Ex-Pat)
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Work: My field of expertise is the Oil & Gas Platforms in the Caspian Sea. I work in a team of Electrical Engineers & Designers in Baku, Azerbaijan on a rotational basis. I will be there until the end of 2020, but my home base is in Scotland, UK.

Church: I've been a Christian for many years. In Baku I attend a large International church and in Scotland I attend a small Pentecostal fellowship. The things that are important to me in a church are good preaching, a sense of belonging & a community focus. I'm very interested in end-time prophecy. I've been part of three mission trips so far in my life. If you want to know where then please ask.

Sports & Fitness: My favourite sport without a shadow of a doubt is football (soccer). My favourite team is Manchester Utd. I even have a look-a-like that plays for them...see what you think! Boxing is my second favourite sport...don't worry I don't fight! I run, swim, lift weights and go hiking regularly. P.S. I also love a good Scottish ceilidh!

Psychology: Studying psychology is one of my favourite pastimes, I think I have quite a good grasp on the subject. For those interested in personality type mine is the INFJ - the rarest of them all! What's yours?

Music: As the years have gone on I've become very fond of classical epic orchestral music. I find it very relaxing, emotional, motivating & inspiring. My favourite composer is Hans Zimmer. But I can recommend many more if you wish. I have a wide-ranging & varied musical taste, my iTunes library may well surprise you.

Movies: I love movies and good story-telling. My favourite movie director is Christopher Nolan. I also love movies that play around with time and can shock you with a twist that you never saw coming. I could talk about movies & cinema all day. I'm extremely interested in making movies in the future.

Reading: The Bible obviously. I also enjoy reading biographies/autobiographies because I like learning about people (see I told you I like psychology!). I also read classic literature such as the Lion, Witch & the Wardrobe, Lord of the Flies, Prince & the Pauper & 1984. Further to that I read extra-biblical / Jewish companion literature such as Enuma Elish, Epic of Gilgamesh & the book of Enoch. I like to learn about a lot of different subjects.

Travel: I've travelled to many places. I've done two Bible Study tours of Israel. I've done many city breaks such as Berlin, Munich, Madrid, Stockholm, New York, Tbilisi, Istanbul. I've visited 23 countries thus far and aim to add many many more in time.
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Something simple & chilled out. A walk by the sea or a cup of tea in a cafe.
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