NO Sex Before Marriage/ NO Heartbreaks / NO Games Allowed

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African American
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A Marriage Partner
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Kirby Christian Church
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Every week
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No way
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Yes but not living at home
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Want Children
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Entreprenure/ Christian Film Writer, Director, Producer. Kingdom 1st Seeker................
Kingdom Building/ Romantic Outings/ Bible and Business
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My name is King, and I'm from San Antonio, Texas USA. So that you will know from the begining and so there is no Question where I stand; Im a Faith walker, Water walking, Giant Slaying, Mountain Mover. A Kingdom Vissionarier With V.I.P Status meaning = I have, Vision, Identity and Purpose. If this offends you, then I'm sorry and no hard feelings but it would be best to stop reading from this point and I encourage you to draw close to Christ and He will draw close to you James 4:8. If your still with me and that didn't offend you, then let's move forward .

ACT 1....
I'm sure many will complain about how long my profile is, as many have, well good, because I've just made it longer.. hehehehe.. I've now learned it's the best way to discomfort the game players and Illiminated the heart breakers and banish the scammers. So the real Diamond of a Lady, of whom I'm seeking, will graciously display a Ladies patience in humbly reading my entire profile and she will be the one of whom will even appreciate a man of taking the time to be transparent and express himself. A True Christian relationship that is based on the word of God is the most Romantic and is a beautiful union of which one could only imagine and many have yet to experience. It's the Pure beauty of True Intamency... king

WHAT I'm Seeking ?
Your heart is what I'm seeking : To cultivate you on a daily basis and water you as the rose that you are. Marriage minded and building a family as One. No argue No fighting NEVER will I hurt nor put my hands on you ( Only in marriage in a Loving way.. hehe ) Loving you as Christ Loves the Church. Proverbs 15:1. As clearly mentioned NO heartbreaks, NO Games.Oh and you should know, I'm allergic to any and all types of Drama :) What am I seeking or looking 4 ? Looking to learn and master all your Love languages and even find the ones of which you didn't know you had and cultivate them... Seeking to bring out the absolute top best in you and your kid(s) Simply Elevating your every potintial...

NOTE : Once I'm interested in you, then this entire Profile and my photos vansish. Ain't no body got time to be talking with other women when interested in ONE...

ACT 2.......
As the number 4 is my favorite number, there are 4 Things of which I must addres. I'm sure this will run off about 95 percent of every woman whom reads these four points, but Im confidant to believe there is one Diamond our there within the 5%. And Yes, fell I should express openly these 4 things beforehand as to not waist any of your time. Is that Fair enough ? Smile...

1...... I Desire more kids once married.. I shall have a son...
2......Relocating is NOT an option for me Have a nice home paid by the VA.... my businesses and ministry all here in San Antonio...
So must be willing and able to relocate
3......I'm an Entrepreneur Business man and will NEVER be a slave on a time clock.. Sorry.. But I have a calling in and purpose and
I shall fulfill it....So Kingdom work and Entreprenureship is the core thing with me..Building multiple streams of income, a
business legacy for forr future wife and our kids.....
4......Supportive and encouraging on the mission assignment meaning NON negative but instead assisting in the mission of
Kingdom 1st seeking...

ACT 3.......
As I know my Identity of who I am and who's I am, and Because I have a Calling Purpose and Vision upon my life of which I shall not detur from, it's imperative that whomever I'm associated with is Kingdom Minded and NOT a Vision Killer, Does NOT have a negative attitude towards Entrepreneurship and has a heart for and towards Elevating others...

Therefore, the follow Question is extremely vitally Important to me, before I even begin to communicate with any potintial woman of whom to be my best Friend , my Confidant and My Kingdom Partner and My Wife for all times..
Please reply with transparently and NOT just type " Yes I am " or " No I not ".
Much appreciated

Are you a kingdom Visionaire, Kingdom first seeker and supporter of Global kingdom Mission Work, And are truly interested in reaching the world, all 4 corners of the earth, with the gospel of Jesus Christ ??

Is so, please explain in Detail...


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A 4 Course Romantic Dinner for 2.
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