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"Hello", my name is Albert a retired Police Officer and presently selfemployed.I am looking for a soulmate betteen the ages of 35 and 65 years old. If a younger woman finds me attractive, competitive and fitting to be her dream soulmate, she's welcome to contact me as well. I do not think it is necessary for love to be segrigated by age. All women has a man of her dreams and sometimes it ends up better being one that is older and mature. Age is not as important as chemistry, compatibility and attraction with one another. I am also a kind, understanding and generous in my feelings. i am sincere in my intentions, i am looking for a soulmate, lover and best friend. I feel that honesty and trust are two most important aspects that should be earn by both in a relationship. I believe as well that we should love not in words or speech, but in truth and actions! I have the wisdom that comes with the knowledge of humanity. I want to be someone's everything! I want to be the reason for your smile. I am looking for someone who knows what to offer in life to a man. Ready to share poverty, richness, failure and victory together, is whom I have been dreaming about. I am further interested in a spirit filled woman, or one who professes to love God. That is very important to me. A person who does not know the love of God, does not know how to truely love and be totally faithful in all aspect's of a marriage relationship. I have learn to love and respect the woman who God will place in my path. Be mindful also that happiness to me isn't based on possessions, power, or prestige, but on a relationship with a person that we both can love and respect each other. I am interested in someone who knows who they are inside and out and who would share their experiences in life with me. I believe money is not everything and if it controls your life, I am not interested. Also the meaning of love to me is that condition in the human spirit so profound, that it allows us to survive and better than that, to thrive with passion, compassion and style. I do feel that attraction is important, as everything starts right there and than the attraction of the inner spirt. Chemistry is a must, despite our best thoughts......MY SOULMATE CRITERIA......The world is filled with pretty faces, but the inner beauty makes it count. She's been on my mind and you wonder if there is such a woman out there?? A real woman...a woman of substance...class, loyal, sincerity, a giver, one who is dependable, generous, caring, honest, fun loving, easy going, good listener, loving, affectionate, whole-hearted, passionate and sensuous. If she's the arguemental type and into drama, than this woman isn't for me. I understand that one is not perfect and disagreements could happen, however one must have the understanding that smart people work on their issues, dumb people say they have no issues. I'm not a man just in good behavior or temporarily trying to impress, i'm a man that understands that in a relationship the importance of respect, honesty, compassion, communiation and passion to keep the fire burning! A one woman man!! So if you feel that you meet this soulmate criteria, don't hesitate to contact me, as i will be ready to dialogue with you.
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On my first date, I would take her to a resturant of romantic setting with serene music fitting the occassion if possible. My date conversation would intail what ever would make her comfortable and in place feeling respected and special.
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