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Female | 39
United States
North Dakota
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Big & Tall/BBW
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African American
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A Marriage Partner
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Church Of The Living God
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Every week
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Possibly, who knows
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Want Children
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4 Yr College Degree
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Esurance Customer Advocate
Spending with my family, spending time with my church family, Opera, Symphony & Orchestra, Opera, Museums, Music, and going to the movies. Also last but not least I love to travel
About Me
I'm 39 yrs old and Im down to earth, perky, very honest, goal oriented, resourceful, loving, encouraging, and accountable.

I basically believe that if whom ever you are dealing with can not pour out or speak life or positivity into your life then that person does not belong. Mainly because what you speak over and pray over people can tear them down or build them up and If I'm in your life I prefer to build (An aset and not a liability). I've also learned how much more powerful I am as a woman in my silence at times. The importance of holding my peace.

I'm here to proudly be myself and if someone vibes with that and our spirits line up then wonderful then I'm open to getting to know you. However if youre seeking to bring confusion and negativity then please move on and I wish you the best.

Yes I'm a woman of substance and I do have a good head on my shoulders. Which means I carry myself much better then what you will typically encounter on this website. I actually know my self worth which means I'm not easily acquired and I don't move quickly. I actually pray and move with wisdom and its definitely about quality with me. Please don't approach me to scratch your temporary itch. I can confidently say that I'm more of a positive journey.

**If your plans are to meet quickly or move quickly please know I am not interested in that. I pray for and about new people and I wait to allow God to tell me when to move. If that means that you're not interested... I'm OK with that because that means God didn't mean for me to know you.
First Date
I have always wanted a Sunday date: Church, out to eat and maybe a movie or a nice walk and talk in the park
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