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Praying the Rosary, Reading, movies, documentaries, DIY Projects, Walking, YouTube. I dislike frequent long distance traveling, but I can tolerate it occasionally. So, it’s probably better for me to marry a woman who prefers domestic interests and hobbi
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I am a devout Catholic man with traditional values who is looking for his future wife. To tell you a bit about myself, personality-wise, I'm fairly reserved and polite, but playful and friendly after getting better acquainted with someone. Humor is important to me, so I'm no fan of political correctness, snowflakes, or those obnoxious "SJW" misfits :P Most of the time I'm mellow and prefer to live simply. I don't care to follow what passes for "pop culture" very much and I never use social media like Facebook. As an introvert, I have an aversion for being around crowds and noisy places for long periods. My leisure time is mostly spent being at home with my family and pets, watching movies and documentaries online, and reading books on history and archeology. Another nerdy hobby of mine is historical reenactment. When I'm not being a homebody, I like going to restaurants, beaches, museums, fairs and amusement parks. While I'm neither a sporty nor an outdoorsy person, I'm happy to occasionally go bicycling, kayaking and horseback riding with people I know.

For a prospective wife I am solely interested in finding a traditional Catholic woman of European descent who cherishes her faith above everything else. Hopefully she is someone who rejects modernism and relativism, open to life, regularly partakes in receiving the sacraments, and has consistently strived to live as a faithful Catholic. Moreover, I will only consider marrying a woman who is still a fellow virgin, modest in her appearance (i.e. does not dress provocatively, has no tattoos whatsoever or body piercings besides her ears), feminine in her manner, pious in her faith, and aspires above all to be a faithful wife and a nurturing mother, so that together we can raise a loving family that believes in and lives by traditional Catholic values. My standards may sound high, but not absurdly so, I trust, since they're derived from the church's which I apply no less to myself as well. If you don't happen to meet them due to past mistakes, then I hope you've mended your ways and strive to live as best you can as a serious and sincere Catholic. Nevertheless, my goal is firmly set on forming the strongest marriage I can with a woman based on the criteria I've laid out here. To that end, it's also important that the woman I marry has compatible political views, meaning I won't marry a liberal, a feminist, or a supporter of the Democratic party and leftist organizations.

Peace be with you and feel welcome to send me a message if you think we may be a good match :) May God bless your search for a good husband.
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