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Jesus; Making culinary knives as it allows me to make something beautiful that can also be used and enjoyed everyday to prepare food etc. I like to play my guitar. My silly little niece. My cat, Mitty, who recently passed :/
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I believe Jesus is the Son of God, even God Himself. He died for our sins, was resurrected on the third day, and ascended to the throne of God far above all rule and authority. Day by day I strive to live to God and seek His will in all things, even in finding the right person to be with is He wills for that. My ultimate hope and goal is to live a life that is well pleasing to Him and to walk worthily of His calling.

This life with all of its worldly riches, pleasures, and glory are vain and temporal; But! Christ is eternal and unsearchably rich. Invest in the eternal One!

I'd like to share a quote from a sermon that I like to keep fresh within me. I've found it very helpful and encouraging in times of discouragement or even when there is a sense despair, as it helps to stir up my faith. I believe some here may also potentially find it helpful and even timely:

"Daniel's companions told the king, Our God is well able to save us from this fiery furnace, but even if He does NOT, He is still our God! -- 'Lord, if You answer my prayer You are my Lord, if You do not answer it You are my Lord! If You do not heal me You are my Lord, if You never fulfill the longing in me, You are my Lord! I will declare to the universe that God is faithful and true and righteous and loving because that's His nature, even if there is no outward sign of it right now. Lord, You can hear me, You can see me, though I can't see You and I can't hear You, but I'm going to tell You right now in the midst of this situation that I still Love You, I believe in You!'"



It can be a difficult to meet new people these days, especially who share similar values and interests, so I thought I'd give this site a try. I mostly joined because I wanted to put something out there to see if there is anybody to connect and relate with and fellowship in and about the Lord with, and to open a door for the Lord to potentially bring someone into my life or vice versa, whatever the result may be. I'm open finding friends to chat and fellowship with, and also open to something more potentially blossoming from that.

As far as what kind of person I am: I value honesty, loyalty, integrity, thoughtfulness, understanding, and appreciate small acts of kindness and generosity. I'm usually a bit more on the introverted side and am more reserved when out and about, but not necessarily around the people I know, who I enjoy talking to and sharing a laugh with. Anyway, If you'd like to chat send me a message. :) God bless you
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