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Cycling (lifestyle), boating, nature, DIY, environment care, animal care etc.
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Update -22:

I am looking seriously for my girl, I am not interested in chats or Insta or other online games, I want to live real life and meet as soon as possible, tired of talking to hundreds of different persons just a waste of time, hope you feel the same. I'm ready for commitment.


- I am not interested in fanatics. I am a normal guy, who wants a normal relationship, and enjoy life in every possible way : )

- If you are not interested in, willing to, or unable to, financially or in any other way, to relocate to my country and live here with me, please continue your search thank you

- I believe in real life communication, not so-me & artificial online life like Instagram, sharing pictures of you daily, holding and staring smartphones everywhere - no, that is not smart, it's a folk disease.
We should value natural, true life communication, not be online nerds.
Jesus would never use a smartphone.

Age pref ca. 23-39. No kids or pets - you and me is enough ; )
I'm not interested in family life, but love life, closeness 24/7 and passionate intimacy just you and me.
I sincerely hope, you are normal, playful and thus healthy body.
I don't smoke, never have, never used any drugs, don't drink alcohol (very seldom if any, only if festivity).

I love cycling (my lifestyle, I go everywhere by bike, also daily routines, travel etc. = most environment friendly transport : ) : ) : ), boating, nature, contemporary bold art, video, YT channel creator, fantasies, writing, experimentation and to express yourself honestly, that's very important to me. Let's have fun, let's not oppress or hide anything in life but enjoy it - very important. So I hope you too read other books than the BIble only, listen to other music than hillsong only, discuss other topics than biblical only.

I hope you are fit enough for daily cycling and boating, tennis etc.
Sync is important, I believe in a better world for our children, I do NOT believe in doomsday, I want to give HOPE to future generations, by caring for God's beautiful creation through concrete work and own lifestyle (environment friendly life, vegan).

I care for our planet and all living beings. I strongly oppose abuse of animals for example for cosmetics or vaccines. I hope you sync with this.

Cars are major polluter and health damaging, unhealthy lifestyle. Cars pollute and poison children and all ages in cities, they have turned our cities into traffic sewers. The exhausts and road dust give serious lung and health concerns, leads to cancer and asthma. Let's not use cars.

Note! I am NOT interested in following you on IG!

If you're in Finland, let's play tennis : )
If you're not, consider relocating ; )

Hope you have a relaxed, happy, laidback straightforward style too ; )

Don't worry be happy! (but wise & intelligent consumer !)

Thought for the moment:

I have only one wish: hope to be able to feel human touch, true love, hope to have time still to make love to my girl before the whole world is destroyed, by these crazy war mongering politicians and leaders like this psycho-Putin. And even the Christian political party is no better: even they support weapon as a tool. Everything now happening goes against Christ teachings. This world is pure evil. I hope I would be in another place, a dream world, safe and without fear and worry and suffering.

Make love, not war ; )
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