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Big Guy
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A Long Term Relationship
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Canyon Ridge Christian Church
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Every week
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1 or 2 on occasion
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No way
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Yes but not living at home
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Does Not Want Children
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Music, Hiking (moderate/easy), Movies, Sightseeing, Talking (not texting)
About Me
Hello, I'm Mike (first name, Dennis).

After taking stock of where I am in my life I decided to make a change and start attending church again in May 2019. I'm going to the Canyon Ridge Christian church located at Jones & Lone Mountain in Las Vegas, Nevada. I believe this is where I'm supposed to be.

I try to walk for an hour every other day. I've lost some weight along the way (unfortunately, I still love food), but it's helped lower my blood glucose and triglycerides a lot. Lately, I've been wanting to go hiking. In July 2019 I climbed Lone Mountain as a test to see if I would survive. Next, up to Mary Jane Falls and Cathedral Rock at Mt. Charleston and lived to tell the tale. Not a big deal for many people, but I was happy with myself. I'll be on the lookout for more easy to moderate hikes. Nothing harder than that.

Musically, I like Rock N Roll. Music has always been my safe place. I can lose myself in it. I've been listening to a lot of Progressive Rock since 2016. Not a popular genre, but It's what I like. I discovered an artist named Neal Morse that inspired me to consider going back to church. Seems weird, but his songs move me.

I my favorite sport is baseball. Go Dodgers! Football is cool, but not my #1. I enjoy movies, but don't see many in the theater any more. Don't see much TV because I don't have cable/satellite anymore.

My last go-round on a dating site was mostly traditional Dinner & a Movie dates. Never really had time to get to know the person I was sitting across from. This time I'd like to actually do something more grounded in conversation. Maybe go for a walk, or on a mild hike. Something without the distractions that come with restaurants and theaters. Can't be any worse, right? I'm not fancy. When I do go out to eat I'm in the Chili's, BJ's, Olive Garden range.

*** I should probably mention up front that I'm not politically correct. In this Woke, #MeToo era, many people will see my humor as offensive. That's just me being me. I don't go out of my way to upset anyone. But dirty jokes, corny jokes, offensive jokes... it just comes to me naturally. I'm trying to cuss less. It's a hard habit to break. ***

*** Since my 30's I've become allergic to cats. Sometimes allergy pills fix that and sometimes they don't. ***

So, here's to you. Let's dive and never hit the ceiling! Thank you for reading.
First Date
I'd like to be able to sit face to face with someone and talk to them. It's hard not to be nervous. I love movies, but you don't get to know someone that way. Meeting for a meal is okay, but often distracting. Maybe meeting for coffee/tea, or somewhere public where we can walk around and be free to converse.
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