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Seasoned, professional, kind , caring , intentional , strong steady devoted Christ and Israel lover and follower.
Micah 6:8 Love Justice show Mercy walk Humbly (JMH68)

Funtastic, creative , passionate, and adventurous. Lived in other states , and love the water, sunshine and warm beach.Young in heart mind spirit and body. Particular but not picky. I want to settle for more. Loyal and tender warrior. Friendly strong and steady. All good comes from the Lord refining us and refreshing us and making the challenges of life result in a better me and you. I love hard. Authentic and transparent to perhaps a flaw. Open and seeking with my palms up . { Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem and Israel in these times. They need our prayers.}

I love having fun and and am affectionate , positive and full of life and humor. I am open to long distance to start. Scenic shots are from where I live presently, some from my deck, others from my region. The quotes are an outward expression of my inward heart light. I am for real so you need to be 100% authentic ...real too please. A strong desire to be equally yoked in conservatism, ecumentalism and eschatology. *(Church life, worship, politics, doctrine, and the return of Christ) On the essentials compromise..on the non all things UNITY.
I am open to marriage. Age is not a huge issue up or down for me as you can see. I am semi retired but plan on staying active traveling and serving and building and most of all growing and learning! I write these things here, not to appear picky, just self aware and passionate about harmony in a relationship. I do not believe I am looking for too much, in fact I share my heart thoughts to help another to know me. As a sun and beach lover , it would be unfair to entertain a partnership possibility with someone in antarctica or wanting to spend retirement living mission minded while the other wants to just play golf. Subsequently this a filter for others so to be a gentleman and respect your time and pursuits. Please know this upfront. Yes, we all fall short of the glory of God, but if we aim at nothing we hit it every time! Thank you.

MOST IMPORTANT . I am complementarian in my beliefs and have many woman as faith heroes and others I greatly admire. I love the Franklin and Billy Grahams of life who have deep biblical convictions but are able to cross over boundaries because of their love and compassion for people. I am not legalistic but consider the old and new testament a tremendous guide map , and God's commands as worthy to be followed.
* Conservative in politics means not just following a man , but a platform closest to the precepts of Jehovah God as stated in his word. I pray for those in authority over me and support the party platform based on a Judeo Christian foundation of this country. I salute the position not just the man. I desire that our country remains focused on Moral and just appointments on national and local level, pro life from the moment of conception, support of Israel , defense of our country, religious freedom, prayer in schools, balanced budget, family unity as a man and woman marry, and the intentional and deliberate belief that government serves the people and the real purpose of the amendments that allow men to be priest provider protector and procreators for his woman and family. I am not in any way a liberal as we know it today , and I am looking for one equally yoked Spiritually Morally and Physically so to live in harmony fulfilling our mission as humans and believers, doubling the impact as two working in harmony to finish well on earth. I am open and teachable but not in any way fuzzy as to why I exist and what I am trying to be and accomplish as a man father, son, grandpa, friend and church member and genuine passionate lover.
Please forgive me if the next lines sound narrow, however, if you are harsh, mean , judgemental , or project the past into the present, we may not be a fit. I desire a woman who needs a man in her life, and knows how much I need her. We all desire an easy love but we know it requires sacrifice. Thanks be to God for His mercy and grace and Holy Spirit to guide us.
(I love the Bruce Springsteens song "I'll work for your love dear" ........(Bless you for reading this! )
*Clarifying: Conservative in theology means the Word is my final authority..inspired and the total and complete revelation for how we should then live. It is complete. I deeply experience God and His ways and miracles but do not embrace the current and dangerous movement of "experience based Christianity". I believe we are approaching the end times with the prophecies given to us exclusively in the Holy Word of God coming true with hundreds of prophecies given in the new and Old testament. I am in essence main line evangelical with the Charles Swindoll, Tony Evans , Kay Arther, Charles Stanley, and John MacArther , Jim and Elizabeth Elliot, DL Moody, Josh McDowell , Stewart and Jill Briscoe , Bill Bright , David Jeremiah, Louis Palau and Jimmy and Karen Evans. If you do not know any of these Pastors evangelists or Pastor Teachers or writers , and your personal shaping mentors are not listed here, well...No problem!...The body of Christ is diverse and unique, so God bless you in your specific search. I judge you not.

I strive for Faith Hope and Love, Justice Mercy, Humility. Seeking to bear the fruit of the spirit, not operate in signs wonders and experiences alone. I chose to walk and pray in the Spirit as my mentors listed do or have done. To work out my salvation through Faith with evidence of good works, and His filling given at salvation, allowing me to be lead as I walk in the Spirit. To be a doer of the word and not hearer only. To be very gracious , I am looking for a mature Christian who understands the distinctions of as it were, liberal and conservative theology but tolerant of other evangelical beliefs ..especially mine. I have a solid foundation to build upon. ( It is interesting that we as believers are expected to be tolerant of other denominations or movements yet many others have no tolerance of our spiritual core values in my beliefs.. )

To know the greatest commandment is to Love God and our neighbor as ourself and know w e are called to the great commission to Go into all the world and make disciples.I am not legalistic. There is nothing I can do to make God love me more nor nothing I can do to make Him love me less. For by grace am I saved through faith.

Because doctrine doctrine dictates our morality it is is extremely important to a couple in fulfilling their call as one. (The word of God is good for doctrine reproof correction and instruction in righteousness. I live out 1John 1:9. I am teachable and I would love a teachable partner.) SO....I explain this because of it's importance to me. (rightly dividing the word of truth) The last thing I would desire is to debate over beliefs when two should be first and foremost headed down the very same spiritual road. If this has lost you or bores you scares you or confuses you...Once again I say, blessings on your search!!! Thanks for reading this far !

I love having fun and am affectionate , positive and full of life and humor. Again, be equally yoked in ecumentalism and eschatology. I am not into materialism but enjoy the finer things of life when possible. I wish to travel more , perhaps on limited mission trips local and abroad.
I have found this longer explanation imperative so to save us both time and energy, as I am not desperate or over anxious , just a good steward of time. I am prayerfully expectant however. If we are a match at any level it will show up soon in our personal conversations . Thus, like old fashioned times, lets pick up the phone!
More simple filters: At this age we have come to conviction and completion I trust ........(if you are still with me)

I love Israel , and of course the USA, my home and country , and all people of the world who need to hear the gospel . Most if not all of my photos posted are current and within the past year. I am BORN AGAIN meaning forgiven and transformed by the Lord Jesus Christ. I am certainly flawed .........but forgiven ... I am father and grandfather who is conservative in Doctrine and politics yet mature fun loving active and passionate . I am a man who loves life , conversation and companionship and wants to find a woman who needs a man as I need a woman. To be inter - dependent not independent of each other.

I am looking for a fun, passionate, purposeful faith based relationship .....and once again, here is what this it means to me ..

*Belief in Evangelism and discipleship , a conviction that the Bible as my final authority for our life , traditional values, contemporary methods. A evangelical , church attender, knowing faith without works being dead, salvation by faith alone in the work of the triune God, a doer of the word not just hearer. Blesser of Israel , prayer for those in authority over me, a man to love and lead his woman and family, with a strong prophetic world view, living the conviction to finish well before Christ the Messiah returns.( See film "one generation away) Care for widows and orphans, laying up treasures in Heaven , while I live out Eph. 4:32.

This longer explanation is to save us both time and energy, as I am not desperate or over anxious , just a good steward of time. If we are a match at any level it will show up in a conversation the best. Thus like old fashioned times lets pick up the phone! I like to laugh and banter, encourage and exhort. As a life long learner , I am always looking for a deeper and more meaningful experience to sharpen me. I so want to give extravagant love to a woman who wants it and especially deserves it ! Better to live in a tent with love.....

With my apologies for clarifying the obvious, no matter how beautiful or wonderful you probably are, I respectfully am not looking for a friend, hiking partner, or non-romantic travel buddy. We need not be required to be local but it is certainly appreciated . Distance at first is OK.
Thanks for understanding !!! God bless you richly in your search!.

My Heart says..."Lift up your head , your redemption draweth nigh" may you be comforted with these words. Maranatha!
First Date
Fun , laughter, Time , extended and quality time time to cultivate simplicity........intentional discovery. Just be waste of time and energy. Looking to see into our eyes, and spirit in our talk. Talk walk, coffee, more laughter fireplace, or just a low drama old fashioned get together walk that will be innocent and leisurely perhaps even hand in hand on the way to the starting line to see if we might want to run the race together. If not in person then a phone call with coffee in hand or skype or facetime perhaps if desired.

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