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I have spend months and hours online trying to meet someone special and I have to admit .. Dating is extinguishing me guys, trying to respond back and get to know all you encounter on real personal level and hopefully go out and spend some time and I have learned over the past few months that to me this seems repetitive and unwise for me and for the ladies I have had the pleasure of getting to know and even though I am tired ...my desire to find someone special is not going anywhere. So God has placed on my heart to just be who he made me to be and let him take the rest...so here it goes..

I know most women are not use to someone so open but I'm not like most guys and that is something I'm proud of.. I'm not one to hide my thoughts or what occupies my heart and mind. I am here to find Love and my best friend and MY WOMAN....I am looking for someone who longs for what I do as well. I work as a contractor for the military and I would consider my self very successful and I'm happy with were I am in life but its been a year and a half since my divorce and honestly I thought Id never care about being with or trusting another women ever again but the desire to have my woman, my best friend beside me is obviously unbreakable. It still burns very strong with in me to have My Eve beside me.. the one that I know will ALWAYS be there and will never hurt me or hurt us or our family. I LOVE to joke and have ALOT of fun, but when it comes to love there is NOTHING more serious.. who ever has your HEART, HAS YOUR LIFE Period and guys.. dating .. its exhausting trying to find someone you feel that connection to and the only way I know how to do this anymore is to put my true deepest thoughts and feelings out there and then later, if you still are interested in me, ill be glad to show you my silly side..

So to all, I am ready to find her and for us to have and belong to each other and for it to be complete.. to just have that part or our lives COMPLETE and FINAL and LOCKED IN .. with the one that YOU KNOW, THAT YOU KNOW, THAT THIS IS THE PERSON I TRUST AND I LOVE and THEY LOVE ME and THEY WILL ALWAYS BE THERE.. AND I WILL ALWAYS BE THERE FOR THEM AS WELL. I'm looking HARD for someone who Loves what God has placed in me.. Someone who loves the heart and Man God has shaped me to be. and loves the fact that I need her, I am not afraid to admin that I NEED HER (if that scares you then dont message me) ..this has been proven and made obvious even to my self . Ive been done wrong enough to never want or have to trust a women again and I am successful enough to not need her in any other way but I CANT SNUFF that burning and longing to have My best friend My lover and My woman in my life and to be in hers as well. To have someone who longs to LOVE and PROTECT and SERVE each other. To be each others best friend and to COVER each other..to wrap the other in what ever they need to feel safe and secure.....That's what I am here to find.

If this is too strong or too open or to forward or overly romantic ..then I am not your guy... we are not on the same page or wanting or longing for the same things ..or as badly... I love to laugh and joke and OMG i can be so silly and goofy at times but this is whats really is inside of me and what really occupies my mind and heart and you know more about me now in 30 seconds than you will with most guys for months. If this is the type of love and passion you are hoping and longing to find and ..(very important ) longing to give as well..... then id love to get to know you more. I'd be honored to. -Kev

If I dont respond it probably means I dont think we are going to be attracted to each other . Physically, Emotionally, Spiritually. Etc..
I am a very old fashioned guy I do love to laugh and joke and talk online but if you are serious about finding someone you will not want to stay behind the computer screen for days to get to know each other .. LETS GO OUT, HAVE FUN, ENJOY EACH OTHERS COMPANY and SEE EACH OTHER, LOOK INTO EACH OTHERS EYES AND REALLY GET A FEEL FOR THE OTHER PERSON. (SIMPLE AS GETTING LUNCH OR COFFEE) SIMPLE.
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