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A Marriage Partner
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1 or 2 on occasion
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Possibly, who knows
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traveling, going out to nice restaurants, and pampering myself
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This has been happening so much I felt the need to address it. The quickest way to get your messages deleted is to address me using terms of endearment: - sexy, sweetie, baby etc. I'm none of these things to you. Hello young lady works just fine. I don't fine these terms flattering. Don't need some random man off the internet addressing me in this manner. If you find this offensive, then I'm not the person for you. Keep it moving. I'm not here trying to attract the attention of all the men on the internet. I'm here trying to make connection with one high value quality man of substance who can handle a high value quality woman with a lot to offer. Now, more about my other side::

I'm a university professor. I've traveled and lived all over the world. I love culture and enjoy having intellectually stimulating conversations. I'm quiet and reserved. I do more listening than speaking, which makes me a great listener. I'm a very pragmatic, level-headed person with good common sense and emotional intelligence. I love to laugh and I enjoy making others laugh as well. I think I'm very balanced. I can be a total clown but I know when to close down the circus and change role. I like going to the gym and lifting weights, hiking, doing kickboxing, traveling, and meeting new people.

I'm looking to establish a connection with someone who possesses the capacity- i.e. the requisite skill-sets: emotional intelligence and level of maturity - necessary to develop a healthy friendship that could eventually matriculate into a high-valued, lasting quality relationship.

As important as the aforesaid is, anyone I would consider getting to know MUST have a personal intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, not a church goer or religious person. I desire to meet someone who is walking out his conviction and whose time with Jesus Christ is continually translating into a changed life. I admire and honor a man whose second nature reflects that of the fruit of the spirit: love, patience, discipline, self-control, kindness etc. These are qualities that are extremely important to me because they germinate into respectful, healthy, and godly relationship and ultimately a successful long-lasting marriage.

Finally, I'm very passionate about growing, evolving, and becoming a better version of myself. I love to watch, listen to and read biblically-based material on personal growth development . I am constantly working on improving myself. I believe self-actualization is one of the greatest things one can aspire to achieve. It is my view that the better you can become at being the best version of yourself, the better friend you can be to yourself, and by extension, the better positioned you are to give of yourself to others.
First Date
My first date is coffee at Starbucks or any public place where we can talk, nothing fancy. This is the perfect setting because my ultimate goal isn't to impress but to get to know the person, see if there is any connection, then walk away with sufficient information to inform my decision as to whether or not I should be invested in the very least forming a friendship.
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