Are you the one whom I've been praying for for years now?

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A local Baptist church
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1 or 2 on occasion
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Possibly, who knows
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God above all, family, church family, eschatology, hermeneutics,Bible study,my church,preaching,singing,art, drawing, painting, garage - yard - estate sales & BARN SALES, flowers, hostas, vegetable & flower gardening, MMA, Corvettes & Dodge Challengers
About Me
I am looking for someone NON-Catholic (and who doesn't believe in all of or some of the things that I've listed below) because we simply wouldn't mesh bc of the many many differences in our Faith (i.e. - Praying to the dead [The Virgin Mary and the saints -- unbiblical and actually contrary to what the Bible commands], transubstantiation [not true], Purgatory [non-biblical, untrue], (Baby) sprinkling baptism [should be when a child or adult understands what's going on and the significance and stand that this signifies, it also does NOT "save" anyone by God's gift of salvation]. I believe that baptism is to be done by immersion only, that too eliminates baby baptisms. So if you believe contrary to my beliefs that I have stated above then we will not line up doctrinally and therefore we wouldn't be a match.

That aside, the lady whom I'm looking for will be someone loves God more than she does me (God will always be my #1 Love too) anyone else or any thing else. And I always want it to be that way. I want to be with my best friend for the rest of my life, the one who knows my dreams, desires, fears, faults, goals, quirks, the secrets (that no one else is privileged to know about me except for the one that I love with all of my heart and soul), one who will listen and hear me, one who will share their soul with me too and love mine in return, she will be someone who isn't perfect but who is perfect for me. She'll know, feel and experience my love for her always. She will know that I am hers and hers alone always. I want whomever God has for me and no one else. And no, chivalry isn't "dead", at least not with me.

P.s. ~ I really really love to kiss, hug & cuddle (and some PDA is fine). Being lovingly tactile is rooted deeply in me, so if that's not your thing then we also won't mesh there.
First Date
It all depends on what we both enjoy and agree on, unless you would rather be surprised then I'll have fun with that too. :)

Have you ever been on a walk through a beautiful place with lakes, docks, beautiful woods, birds joyfully singing & chirping?
You might even see some of the largest fish that you will ever see. There is a place like that. How does walking along those beautiful trees & sometimes flower filled trails sound to you? I love it there (it's a bit of a drive from my home to get there but it's worth the ride). But for right now that location is a little secret - maybe I'll tell you where it is and we can go there someday - time will tell. πŸ˜‰


THANK YOU VERY MUCH FOR READING MY PROFILE. 😁 May God bless you and may your search for love be fruitful.
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