A frend who understands ur tears is much more valuable than a lot of frens who only knw ur smile

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Playing guitar, drums, singing,arcades, biking, jogging, working on cars, small group bible studies, ju-jitsu, wresting, Criminal Physiology, animal planet FYI- The girl you see in my pictures is my beautiful youngest sister. Just in case anyone is wond
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(((UPDATED)))) 9-11-2021

(( I have found my life long helper.... I did not find her here on this dating site... Rather, I found her when i least expected it. I spent years praying for this girl... Keep in mind that my walk with God was by no means perfect ... Nor was my obedience always consistent. Yet God had mercy on me and still allowed me too meet her... I am writing this to all who end up reading this... I just want you to know that it is worth every effort, every teardrop, every lonely moment, to wait on Gods perfect timing..... Allow Him too change things in your life.... Let him prepare you so that when you meet your future husband/Wife... You’ll know exactly without a doubt in your mind that He/ she is sent from God...

I did not come to God with a list of things that I wanted in wife (even though at first that’s how I approached God) ... I came to God with a list of things I knew I needed in a wife, even though I knew at times that it wouldn’t always benefit me... I asked God to give me a wife who could be my strength in the areas where I knew I was weak in... And that I would be her strength in the areas of her life where she is weak in.... I asked God for a girl who is really funny... so that when being in ministry would get stressful and tough... And when just life in general got hard... I would have a helper who could ease my anxious thoughts with her humor.... I also asked advice to my parents as to the things I should look for in a girl and I honored their responses and included that in my prayer...

I pray that this may encourage you all !!! God heard my prayer that took many years to be fulfilled but it was fulfilled .... I found this girl in the process of me helping her family find a home and job... So just remember... You never know who you just might be helping ...

I will no longer be active on this site but I will leave my profile lingering here so that it can still be a blessing to those who wait on the Lord....

As we open our bibles to the first beginning chapters of Genesis, we read when God created man, he noticed something was missing. There was a void in man. As beautiful as Adams garden was and as pleasant as it was to name all the animals and be with them.. Niether the plants nor the animals could fulfill him. “The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him.”

This is where we see a woman’s purpose for being created. She was specifically made for man to be his helper and to bear him children. It is no wonder why a woman feels incomplete without her man. This is the reason why we see many women plan their wedding so diligently. Sometimes even before she has even found a candidate!! Lol Everything from the reception, to the Decorations, all the way down to the invitations! It all has to be perfect.. She wants to make that day as beautiful and as unforgettable as possible because this is how she officially becomes a (suitable helper) before the eyes of the Almighty God.. He (God) has placed in her heart the deep desire for marriage which is where she finds her greatest satisfaction in knowing that she is being obedient to her calling, by full filing her role as a helper to her husband and bearing him children.

Lately I’ve been feeling the call to fatherhood/marriage. As I grow older, I can feel it get stronger. God has also placed in mans heart a desire for a wife and children. We can clearly see that when we read (Genesis 1:27-28).

“So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. And God blessed them. And God said to them, 'Be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it and have dominion over the fish of the sea and over the birds of the heavens and over every living thing that moves on the earth.' "

It is evident from these verses why we all eventually come to desire a family. God has laid it in our hearts to want that.

Now a man has to give a specific thing to his wife for all this to work. And that is love. But for him to have the ability to give her this love, this man HAS TO KNOW GOD. He absolutely HAS TO KNOW GOD. We read in (1 John 4: 7-8) why this is crucial.

“7 Beloved, let us love one another, for LOVE is FROM GOD, and whoever LOVES has been BORN OF GOD and KNOWS GOD. 8 Anyone who DOES NOT LOVE DOES NOT KNOW GOD, because God IS LOVE.”

If we were to look at Gods love as a fire. We could say that the closer we get to the fire .. The more warmth we would feel. And if We were to hug someone as soon as we left the fire.. They would instantly feel the full warmth that we received from the fire. In the same way as we draw closer to God.. His love is expressed to us through (1 Corinthians 13: 4-7)... I Emphasize verse 7 which says..

“Love Bears All Things, Believes All Things, Hopes All Things, Endures All Things.”

And in turn.. That is how a man gives love to his wife.. By the Love he CONTINUES to receive from God.

That is why this verse is so important because this is what a woman needs from her husband. But she will only find it in a man who KNOWS GOD. It’s also the reason why Christians should not be unequally yoked in marriage. Our spiritual needs can ONLY be FOUND IN God.

In the last 3 years I’ve enrolled in school to study plumbing and carpentry. I graduated from both and God willing, I will continue my education As I wait for you my dear future wife. I am preparing my self as a man to equip myself with as many skills as possible... I not only want to be able to provide for our future family, but I also want to teach our children as many skills as possible. I want them to be intelligent and God fearing children. I promise you this, we will all eat together at the dinner table every night and I will always be home in time for supper:)

With that being said, my goal is to find the helper God has made for me. I expect you to be very imperfect.. I can assure you, just as Christ forgive me, I too, will learn to forgive you. Above all things, let us share the same faith and belief. Any foundation built on biblical principles shall remain firm in place. As Martin Luther put it....

“I have held many things in my hands, and I have lost them all; but whatever I have placed in God's hands, that I still possess.”

Martin Luther

It’ll be your love for God, and my love for God, that’ll bring us closer together and keep us together. We will have each other to weather every storm that dares come our way... And when we feel overwhelmed and without strength... We will fall on our knees and cry out to God until He grants us the strength to rise again... Together we will bring our talents and gifts and use them for the glory of God... I am confident that just as Abraham had Sarah, and Jacob—Rachel, Boaz —Ruth.... So too I, will have you:) .... Be patient my dear future wife, for we will soon meet:) ...

May the Lord fill your heart and mind with peace and endless love:) I’ll be seeing you soon!

Yours truly, future husband..


Al abrir nuestras biblias en los primeros capítulos de Génesis, leemos cuando Dios creó al hombre, notó que le faltaba algo. Había un vacío en el hombre. Por mas hermoso que era el jardín de Adan y por mas de agado era nombrar a todos los animales y estar con ellos ... Ni las plantas , ni los animales, podían satisfacerlo. Por eso “El Señor Dios dijo:“ No es bueno que el hombre esté solo, Le haré una ayuda idonea.”

Aquí es donde vemos el propósito de una mujer al ser creada. Ella fue creada específicamente para ser el ayudante del hombre y para darle hijos. Con razon la mujer se siente incompleta sin su pareja. Esta es la razón por la que vemos a muchas mujeres planificar su boda con tanta diligencia. ¡¡A veces incluso antes de que haya encontrado un candidato !! Jaja Pues.. Todo, desde la recepción, las decoraciones, hasta las invitaciones, tiene que ser perfecto. Quiere que ese día sea lo más hermoso e inolvidable posible porque así es como oficialmente se convierte en una (ayuda idonea) ante los ojos del Dios Todopoderoso. Dios ha puesto en su corazón el profundo deseo de matrimonio que es donde encuentra su mayor satisfacción, al saber que está siendo obediente a su llamado, cumpliendo su papel de ayudante a su esposo y dándole hijos.

Últimamente he estado sintiendo el llamado a la paternidad / matrimonio. A medida que van pasando los años, puedo sentir que se hace más fuerte ese deseo. Dios también ha puesto en el corazón del hombre el deseo de tener una esposa e hijos. Podemos verlo claramente cuando leemos (Génesis 1: 27-28).

“27 Y creó Dios al hombre a su imagen, a imagen de Dios lo creó; varón y hembra los creó.

28 Y los bendijo Dios, y les dijo: Fructificad y multiplicaos; llenad la tierra, y sojuzgadla, y señoread en los peces del mar, en las aves de los cielos, y en todas las bestias que se mueven sobre la tierra.”

Es evidente en estos versículos por qué todos eventualmente llegamos a desear una familia. Dios ha puesto en nuestros corazones el desear eso.

Ahora, un hombre tiene que darle algo específico a su esposa para que todo esto funcione. Y eso es amor. Pero para que él tenga la capacidad de darle este amor, este hombre TIENE QUE CONOCER A DIOS. Absolutamente TIENE QUE CONOCER A DIOS. Leemos en (1 Juan 4: 7-8) por qué esto es crucial.

“7 Amados, amémonos unos a otros; porque el amor es de Dios. Todo aquel que ama, es nacido de Dios, y conoce a Dios. 8 El que no ama, no ha conocido a Dios; porque Dios es amor.”

Si tuviéramos que mirar el amor de Dios como un fuego. Podríamos decir que cuanto más nos acerquemos al fuego ... más calor sentiríamos. Y si abrazáramos a alguien tan pronto como saliéramos del fuego ... instantáneamente sentirían el calor total que recibimos del fuego. De la misma manera, cuando nos acercamos a Dios ... Su amor se nos expresa a través de (1 Corintios 13: 4-7) ... Enfatizo el versículo 7 que dice ...

“7 Todo lo sufre, todo lo cree, todo lo espera, todo lo soporta.”

Y a su vez ... Así es como un hombre da amor a su esposa ... Por el Amor que SIGUE recibiendo de Dios .

Es por eso que este versículo es tan importante porque esto es lo que una mujer necesita de su esposo. Pero solo lo encontrará en un hombre que CONOCE A DIOS. También es la razón por la que los cristianos no deben estar unidos en yugo desigual en el matrimonio. Nuestras necesidades espirituales SOLO SE PUEDEN ENCONTRAR EN Dios.

En los últimos 3 años me he matriculado en la escuela para estudiar plomeria y carpintería. Me gradué de ambos y si Dios quiere, continuaré mi educación mientras te espero, mi querida futura esposa. Me estoy preparando como hombre para equiparme con tantas habilidades como sea posible ... No solo quiero poder mantener a nuestra futura familia, sino que también quiero enseñar a nuestros hijos tantas habilidades como sea posible. Quiero que sean niños inteligentes y temerosos de Dios. Te prometo esto, todos comeremos juntos en la mesa todas las noches y siempre estaré en casa a tiempo para la cena :)

Dicho esto, mi objetivo es encontrar a mi mejor amiga. Espero que seas muy imperfecto .. Pero con eso, puedo asegurarte que siempre te perdonaré ya que espero que tú hagas lo mismo por mí. Sobre todas las cosas, compartamos la misma fe y creencia. Cualquier cimiento construido sobre principios bíblicos permanecerá firme en su lugar.

Será tu amor por Dios, y mi amor por Dios, lo que nos acercará y nos mantendrá unidos. Nos tendremos el uno al otro para infrentar a cada tormenta que se nos presenta ... Cuando nos sintamos debiles y sin fuerzas ... Caeremos de rodillas y clamaremos a Dios hasta que nos conceda la fuerza para levantarnos de nuevo ... Juntos traeremos nuestros talentos y dones y los usaremos para la gloria de Dios ... Estoy seguro de que así como Abraham tuvo a Sara.. Jacob a Raquel, Booz a Rut ... también yo, te tendré a ti :) .... Ten paciencia mi querida futura esposa, porque pronto nos veremos :) ...

Que el Señor llene tu corazón y tu mente con paz y amor sin fin :) ¡Te veré pronto!

Atentamente, futuro esposo ...
First Date
After a long exhausting search... God will one day allow me to meet my best friend:) She will be more then what I could have possibly imagined.. She will be the part of me I like the most about myself... I will never feel so complete as a person, as I will, when I finally meet You:) ...

I will be pursuing this friendship with the only intentions of it leading towards marriage. As it is written... “He who finds a wife, finds favor from the Lord.”

Thank you father, for giving me a wonderful friendship... I am confident, when we come Together, We will remember the Words of Joshua....

“And if it is evil in your eyes to serve the Lord, choose this day whom you will serve, whether the gods your fathers served in the region beyond the River, or the gods of the Amorites in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.” Joshua 24:15. Amen...

(I dedicate this poem to us mahal kong kaibigan:)

“Kaibigang tunay ay laging matapat,
ang tulong ay laan sa lahat ng oras.

Siya ay mabait at saka marangal
sa lahat ng saglit ay maaasahan.

Sa pangangailangan, siya’y laging handa
nang ang kaibiga’y hindi mapahiya.”

Siya’y nakalaan kahit na magtiis
upang mapagbigyan, katotong matalik.

Kaibigang lubos, kaibigang tapat
ay kayamanan din ang nakakatulad.
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