Elohim's from birth, dedicated by my mother, in covenant to GOD, when on my deathbed as a small chil

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many. just ask. I enjoy so much I am sure we can find common ground. my favorite is taking my dogs or kids places. I enjoy the silence of nature. I can give a cheery greetings in the woods or pass in silence though because the kind of people you meet in t
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YHVH first. then family. then country. I am loyal, loving, and dependable. someone asked on here what I was looking for. then it came up a few more times. the response I gave was "I am looking for a woman who puts GOD before everything. including me. a woman who has a tenderness in her heart and a compassion in her actions. beauty is nice of course. physical attraction is a part of marriage after all. But physical is secondary to heart. I want a woman who is secure enough in her heart to love and trust completely. a woman who treats me like a king because she values me. one who can accept being treated like a queen as she deserves. My assets are of the heart and mind. I am blessed with great physical strength and a tenderness that is unusual in a man. I am not a wealthy man. sometimes I barely make it. my life is not usually one of excess. I am a single father and to me that is my biggest blessing in life". Some things about me... I have some health issues. none too major. I wear my heart on my sleeve. I say what I mean. it may not be the shades of gray that went in to making that decision but it is the sum total of my thought and study. that being said I am always willing to learn and reassess things so my mind is not closed on anything except the facts of my faith. I went astray I even served other gods in the mistaken New age belief of them all being imperfect understanding of the one true GOD. nicely incorporating my blasphemy in intellect. what a fool. now I seek wisdom that is not mine but HIS. Revealed the words of the Bible. I believe in Torah (the first 5 books of the word), but I also hold the prophets and renewed covenant (new testament) to be the infallible word of YHVH (GOD). The whole word. I also do everything in my power to study the scripture as close to the original Hebrew as possible. Greek failing the ability to see it in Hebrew. I believe it all. to include the part that says the Spirit will convict you if you do wrong. so I do not hold believers to the same things I hold myself to. instead conceding GOD'S wisdom through His servant Paul in telling us the four things the gentile believer MUST hold to and that after that it was between them and GOD. So no judgment from me. I look younger than I am and carry myself well. I am personable, kind, and outgoing.
First Date
Walk Around The Waterfront Or Beach Etc. but let's be real.... it depends on what you and I both like. or the weather. or a pandemic... really how about I don't paint an amazing picture of a first date here that we both know probably isn't real but rather too fast to get it out of the way or too fantastic to be sincere. lol. instead I just say we would discuss it and find a mutually satisfactory setting/venue?
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