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Honesty & christian kindness with each other. I thought I'd start with us getting to know each other. Under " I am looking for" I don't know yet so put the 1st one, friendship. I am more comfortable tho with us getting to know each other well enough
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Dating sites can have it's challenges, and even if Christian. And it can kinda make me feel carnal, & have definitely seen it. If it wasn't for the lockdown in 2020 I don't think I would of got on one, but who knows kinda hard to tell after years of hard times we all had already been in. Then relocating & fortunately getting a place right before it. I figured it would be good to connect with good people in a new area. I found it hard to find any christian friendship sites but the Chr. Dating ones gave an option for friendship & tho I thought it wouldn't be to likely to find someone in that way first I thought doing something was better than nothing. It seemed off to a good start. Someone had msg'd me before I had completely finished it, and I was impressed, I even had feelings I didn't think I could have yet anyway, & I thought this must be from God but to this day now I still don't know if he was the person on the profile or someone had his pic and info, he was that good if so. If it was really him I guess he didn't end up being as good as I thought, but as far as God goes I did get something truly valuable from it, so I don't think I was wrong in feeling he was in it. It was a very active time during that time, I felt so popular. Many msg'd, since I had interest in that person unless it was platonic I didn't or hadn't replied yet, then I started noticing some of the ones that had were getting banned, & there were at least a few I thought wow I wouldn't of thought them. Then sometime later I learned that there was a lot of scamming going on then, I guess because of the times we were in. I have definitely learned some things. And I guess that's what can make it harder for all of us. But I did meet someone else on here after he had checked out my profile a few times, I didn't know if he was shy or not sure but he did seem okay to me & he lived a little closer than the 1st one so I decided to send a hi. We communicated for awhile and it was nice to get to know him, but he did have a busy work sched & life & active with a close neighbor friend & a family member & the holidays so it just didn't end up being a good time. I think we both would of liked it to but it didn't get past communicating daily tho before & after work & days off & Game times & even same shows or movies but I guess it just couldn't keep going on like that with no change in site yet. The times were still challenging then also. Well this was long, but helpful I hope.
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