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Hi, I am looking for a God fearing Pentecostal man, / a true believer in the word of God. I love God, I love people, ministry work and especially working with kids.

I would like to settled down with someone like minded, God promissessd me a king who already has a personal relationship with him and looking for a wife to lead into his kingdom. If you are looking for a fling, hook-up etc... I am not judging you but , I am not the right type of girl for you. I would like to meet a man who is secure in his identity in Christ someone with the same pentecostal morals and beliefs as myself.

I believe that Jesus Christ is the son of God who died on the cross for the sins of mankind, I believe in the paying of tithes and offerings, the trinity of God, baptism etc... if you are like me, I would like to get to know you/ meet you some day.

Outside of the above, PS, I am not a religious Christian who thinks that God does not want us to do anything fun... 😂😂😁. I do have fun, I just need to ensure that it's the type Jesus approves of and that it's clean fun so, no night clubs, earthly music etc.. , not for me sorry etc. But I love attending Christian gospel concerts and visiting nice places as below.

I love travelling, been to many countries, I aim for at least two to three personal holidays every year, some years I hit this goal, some times I don't.
My current bucket list is a holiday to shelmashek Egypt for open sea diving 😂🌊(although I am not a very good swimmer 🤔).
2 is A trip to Namibia for skydiving 😲😲, not sure how bcz I have a fobia of heights 🤔
3 is a route 66 in the USA. I have visited the US several times, but not yet managed the 66 dream. Am very close though I would love to do all these things with you dear husband 😏
4 is the Maldives...... Very expensive place but with God all things are possible.

Ministry wise,
I am into doing projects that build schools, churches etc.. for the poor villages of Uganda where I am from originally. I believe that aside a church where people get to worship, the schools, hotels, hospitals, are also business opportunities to grow these communities whilst providing employment and proving the required services but also business opportunities for financial freedom to do more in the kingdom of God.
It costs a lot of money to win souls, I know this because I have been a real life missionary for years and know what we go through when we travel out to poor countries and villages where many people will not go. (when God called me into ministry, he told me that he will send me to places where many people will not go). Hence my passion for such places. A city life preacher will say, no money is needed but please try deep villages where nothing. You give until you have nothing left to give. The gospel must be accompanied with works and not just words. Taking food to hospitals for people who can't afford, is better than an empty word.

I am that girl with a dream to buy acres of empty land and by God's grace, build an empire on it (want to do this work with my husband and I hope he is a mega dreamer like me)
I would love to see estates in unexpected places.... I am all about the forgotten people of God. And to prove to them that God had them in mind and that he really lives.

I have very.... Big dreams...., I am a very driven person about fulfilling the will of God and the reason for being counted among the living today. I want to leave my footprint in the sands of planet earth so that those who will come after me, will know that I was once here. Amen
I know most men I have met become intimidated by females like myself who appear to be extremely driven. But it takes a real man to see the dream and combine it to his to make a fit so we can become one person and go on to execute what God has put on the inside of the both of us as we both have a purpose to fulfil. Let's do it together baby...

Lastly, I love to build a get out of work plan.... To allow me to retire early to go off and do the things I really want to do like more travels around the world and serving the lord freely with no financial restrictions

Thanks for taking your time to read, the Lord bless your search journey on here and may you find what you are looking for in Jesus mighty name, Amen.
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