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November 25, 2020: For the past four years of this dark, distressing, defining period in time... a representative from so-called "conservative-christianity" has been holding the reins of the American vice presidency. And I'd say the chance of this purported "christianity" being respected as a profile in courage on behalf of God's truth and justice... is about as likely as Pharasaism with IT'S white-washed unbridled self-indulgence and greed, being respected by the RADICAL Jesus (Matt 23:27). Doesn't Jesus call for and require of any who follow Him, not to fit in... but to stand out, and be counterculture and radical?? (Mt 16:24-26) And it seems to me, the hardships that are essential for attaining an entrance into the rule of God (Acts 14:22), are being declined to be endured... so long as the world is not being shown anything more true-to-life of Christ than JEWELRY-CROSSES!? "Christianity has been watered down until the solution is so weak that if it were poison it would not hurt anyone, and if it were medicine it would not cure anyone" (Tozer). :-o Get my drift?...

...Given the fact I haven't successfully made it through that preliminary wilderness TESTING necessary for the "promised land" of Christ's full life (James 1:12)... boasting about love for God, is something I can't legitimately do ("...the road leading to Life, is so difficult... that not many are finding it!" Matt 7:14). I may talk a good game, but if my words were to impy I was a pillar of virtue, that would be more a BS-ing than a stretching of the truth. Yet the choice between the company of well-polished religious hypocrites or rough-around-the-edges "sinners"... isn't any tougher for me, than for Jesus the Christ! ;-) ("The only thing worse than a liar, is a liar that's also a hypocrite!" Tenessee Williams)

...Throughout the oftentimes lonely course of my life, when a few-and-far-between window-of-opportunity for love opened up within reach... more than once I impulsively dove into a long-term relationship that was by no means compatibly well-matched. Ain't regretful... a misguided pathway seems to be able to turn out a remarkable adventure! But frankly, I have yet to stumble across a kindred disciple of Christ that I still dream of potentially one day sharing life with... the wonderful not only, but also the awful. Things which won't always be remembered, as well as some which will never be forgotten. The off-the-beaten-path sort of character that's desireable and appealing to me...couldn't make-believe it's possible to 'accept' Christ without forsaking the world (Mt 13:24-30; Mt 5:13; Mt 24:12,13). Neither would they be blind as a mole to...but quite the contrary would be humbled by, their natural talent genius for "missing the mark" if you know what I mean? Geez!... You ever get the impression that maybe finding a literal "needle in a haystack" might be a cinch, compared to this?! ;-) Dean
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