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Coffee, movies, books, outdoors nature, taking walks in parks, yardwork, plants, animals, dogs, maybe golf, God, Bible learning, prayer, seeking Gods guidance daily, contributing money (what I can) to missions, seeking more of God's purposes in life.
About Me
Traditional - seek long term relationship. Court/date carefully, biblically, with marriage in mind. No casual dating. Did some of that and it is not deeply committed and purposeful enough. I guess Mom and Dad were right. lol.

Seeking serious Christian woman who also wants committed relationship with marriage in mind (Gods way), starting with conversation, easy going meetings, developing friendship first, and into a trusting and lasting relationship.

I like simple interests, having coffee together, movies, outdoors, nature, walks, yardwork, plants and animals, some golf, trips to see new things every once in a while, dining out and cooking in, and just plain stayin in. I like real life drama shows and movies, and to relax I like to read books and play guitar, or sitting on the backyard patio enjoying Gods beauty.

I am looking for a Christian woman, loving, kind, gentle, easy going, who also has and still does place her hope in the Lord, and would like to share a life of faith together. I am not a preacher type, and really just an average Joe, but I want to "live and walk" Christian and not just "say" so, by seeking the Lord, prayer, bible, church, and growing in faith.

I went to college and I have a good job, and I am grateful for what I have. I am not chasing after career any longer. I am interested in rental property investing and want to buy some. This will take some effort and support from my partner. I am interested in slowing down and smelling the roses. In fact, I do not need and even shy away from social or cultural status and outward appearances of achievement. I need smaller, quieter, less active, easier going, slower pace.

I am seeking a quiet, simple christian woman, who is as interested in the Lord and the bible as I am and whose greatest delight after the Lord is (wait for it) ------working in the yard alongside me in the garden. LOL Too simple? LOL. Someone who is happy to be with me, and I happy to be with her, and both of us happy to invite the Lord in everything we do on a daily basis sharing life and faith together!

I don't drink or smoke, but I used to. I was in a fraternity way back in college and did all that crazy too much beer drinking stuff, but as I aged I have been able to thank God for His help removing all that. I will be honest, I still have flaws, I get restless looking for meaningful purposes and projects as i slow down, trying to appreciate what I already have. I may watch too many movies and TV, but I am in good shape, jump on the exerciser bike, and watch what I eat. I would want that in my mate, too. I like taking walks, and hope that we would walk together. Physical attraction and chemistry in that department is very important to me and to my mate.

I tend to attract a lot of church going, service-oriented ladies who are in church and several church activities. I am not like that too much. I generally tend to church attendance, but not much more than "not forsaking assembly with other believers" to corporately sing praise to the Lord with the body of Christ.

I have reached a point where I now have a daily relationship with our Lord * in my living room, at work, among others like Jesus was with the woman at the well who thought worship was only to be in the temple in Jerusalem. The Book of Acts says people devoted themselves to prayer, learning Gods word, fellowshipping with others, helping with others needs, in their homes, daily........but it may also simply be that I am probably just a much more shy and quieter person than others, lol, as I am not interested in large social type events much, as I like keeping it on the quiet side and minding my own business (Thessolonians: make it your ambition to lead a quiet life and mind your own business)

I do want my life centered on meeting with God daily, that is at home, the grocery store, at work, when I watch TV and read the news, books, listening to music. I would like to dance with you in our living room even in the presence of the Lord! I have not always been like this, but have been seeing that time with the Lord is much more in a way that centers our lives around meeting with God everywhere we are, whatever we are doing.

The above questions asked what church I was raised in, which was Catholic, a very church going and doing and very ritual oriented, legalistic church, but several years ago, a very interesting revival occurred in my life as I wanted to learn more about the bible. And as I learned more about the bible, and daily meditated on Gods Word with the help of BottRadio Network pastors like Charles Stanley, John McArthur, Tony Evans, the Lord Jesus and God the Father became more real and like a daily relationship, instead, with prayer and bible reading. I wanted to have a church that had more bible teaching in its service and changed to a local nondenominational bible church that has much more of bible teaching in its Sunday services.

I like BottRadio 92.5 FM bible teaching and listen to it every day. I discovered there is much more to the Word of God I did not know before, that Jesus became very real to me. I still like Bible reading, and now it is everyday, too. In fact I believe bible reading and prayer time with God is essential in life for protection and guidance, and even more so for a marriage partnership, and has become like my life source.

I am learning more about my walk with the Lord and believe we need to keep praying for our families, churches, schools, communities and our nation always!

I am not very good at dating, but now look at it like more of finding a suitable mate, then nurturing love and romance and a daily walk of life and faith together, and as I read someone else say, I am not meeting anyone in the grocery store, so here I am. I don't do the bar scene. In fact, I probably need someone who does not drink, or drink often, can take it or leave it, preferably leave it and is not centered around friends who do.

I am not looking to chase after career advancement any longer at my age. In fact, trying to think of the next transition in life and no longer work. I am not looking for much activity either, and I do not drink anymore. I use to, and was loud and crazy. But no more.

I am shy, very simple, very minimal type of guy. I want to slow down, I want to start just smelling the roses more with someone, settle down and grow old together. Being very honest with you, I would rather see people who are not always talking about or showing only their happy sides and busy active sides. That is not a true picture of life to me. I need to handle all aspects of life and find someone who will too, and slow down.

I want to just work in the back yard and in the garden, take walks in the city parks, and sit on the back patio hand in hand with someone just like me, slow, quiet, shy, and read the bible together while talking with God, and watch tv and movies on the couch together.

How is that for mundane and boring? lol. And I want someone just as boring as I am and loves it with me. Haha. Could that really work? I hope so. I am just a simple man, but I am genuine and honest.

My name is Tom if you feel like chatting.

Please, realistic inquiries, meaning I believe life does have its drama, and ups and downs, and you take all of it making the most of it. We hurt, cry, and despair at times. Chapter 18 1st Kings Elijah is bold having great faith in front of fake and loud people that are in his face, and then the very next chapter is running for his life in fear, worn out, and isolating from everyone for a period of time! That is drama from one extreme to the next. Got to accept all sides of life.

I find that several photos and long profiles the best - about your life, how you were raised, and what you have learned is still important and of lasting value, but show me your real human side, and your desire to make God and the bible a daily reality with you.

I am only looking for a serious but realistic Christian woman. I am only looking to be truly committed, faithful and loving in both good times and bad, which I am sure will also take much work on both our parts and will mean continually practicing godly forgiveness, because neither of us are far from meeting expectations.

I know none of us are perfect, but we may benefit from each other by helping each other learn more as we keep learning more, too. If you are wanting something similar, and take life and the Lord together, then we can exchange more photos, emails, phone calls, and meet.

God bless you for reading this far. it is long, but, is about just dating? or finding a compatible, suitable lasting partner and soul mate? The details, meaning, what is important......must share with me yours as well.
First Date
Meet somewhere like a coffee shop but a place to talk some more. This should be after several mailings and even phone calls discussing things like our relationship with God and our views on a relationship to another person as a mate and a committed lifelong partner in marriage... about ourselves, our story, our values, what is important, how you view handling difficulty and hardship, its not all fun and games. Do you pray and read the bible every day, and will you with your partner?.

Maybe could even take some walks or in a park (on the shunga nature trail if in Topeka) to continue conversations about life. Not sure that it should be about movie and dinner and romance at first. If we find that we share godly values, and practices, that we would compliment one another with spiritual growth, and we start feeling comfortable with one another, then we can work on dates, and romance, next. I wonder if it should be about seeing if there is some friendship, some sharing Jesus and Our Father God first.

Let me know what you think. God bless you for reading this far. Words of our mates are very important (as the Word of God is important to listen to), and I will like to read and listen to yours, too. May the love of God and peace be with you forever.
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