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I'm a Texas born, Texas bred man. I'm 39, never been married, and would like to have a family. On the faith part - although I do go to an Anglican church currently, I'm open to other churches, as I have evangelical roots (although I hate that much baggage). I am a born-again bible believing Christian, and love Jesus, and want to follow Him - He and He alone is the source of everything. Am looking for someone who shares those values. I kind of have this dream of being either a medical missionary or working in ministry. I'm still kinda figuring out where God might be leading me. But I want to be involved in discipleship and kingdom work wherever I am. The King is coming back and the bride of Christ needs to be ready! It would be really cool to have a wife who would complement me and partner with me in ministry. I've dated girls before who just 'went along' with what I am doing. But I really want a heart-connected woman who is of one heart and mind with me in the work God assigns to me, that she can be my helpmate.

I'm not really into casual dating, my goal is to date, but date with purpose and pursue a woman that wants to share a life together. I believe the man should be the man, and the woman should be the woman (not in some rigid fundamentalist way...but just tired of how society has blurred the lines so much b/w men and women). Both the man and woman should be walking in their gifts, submitting to one another. I believe the instructions from the apostle Paul that the man should be the head of household. I'm a complimentarian, not an egalitarian. Obviously I want to have fun doing it, but I'm a purposeful, intentional person and intend to carry that over to my dating life. I don't know that I have a specific 'type', although some traits draw me more than others. I enjoy where I'm at right now, but the life I envision is actually away from the city, with some land, some animals, and living a little closer to nature. (How that squares with being a missionary or doing ministry I have NO idea...I guess I'm a bit of a contradiction). I grew up in the city, but I think I long for the country life. I love to country/western dance, hike (actually anything with nature), cook, and read. if a woman knows and likes to dance - that is probably the quickest way to my heart.
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Find a good lunch place, grab the food, take it out to a park or nature trail, have a picnic, and go for a hike. And enjoy the view:)
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