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hello beautiful women, I would prefer not to go on on-site dating sites however for this point in my life it seems the lesser of two evils. I live in Carlsbad California 5 minute walk to the beach. I like most water and ocean Sports including also outdoor activities. My life has been quite eventful. I'm always having new experiences with new people weather by my own doing for the hand of God. He seems to make it all come together and one beautiful tapestry. He sees the outside of tapestry which is beautiful. However while I am here on Earth I see the under weavings of the tapestry that can sometimes be difficult to be stuck in. I am fun, educated well not just by college and school but the real things in life take on meaning for a new experience. Enjoy meeting new people especially in the church. I admire how God puts new people in our lives to teach us things. It's hard sometimes to put God first but it is very rewarding when we do it his way. it's good to be simple then just let God do his work and then everything else falls into place. I love nature and the outdoors. I'm at the part of my life well I don't want to mess around anymore I want one single Christian woman the her heart is blessed by the Holy Spirit and she is Walking with God. That's the only way I can have it anymore. I don't care if she's poor or Rich or whatever oh, I just want somebody I can feel comfortable with and grow and Trust together because trust truly makes a stable and secure relationship. No doubt I like to have fun that's been my life growing up and even now. I'm fairly outgoing and get recharged around people but also get recharged when I come home.

in addition of what I said, I do want me physically attracted to my partner and I like somebody who dresses stylish e I want someone who wants to get out and have Adventures, traveling. Watching a movie and cuddling in front of the TV, cooking together, just enriching each other's lives so that when we can go out into the world we have this special bond with somebody we love. No more of this screwing around and dating other guys I don't go for that it's very Southern California and I cannot stand it. It was never meant to be that way and God's original plan. God formed us one man one woman and that's it. I believe in being truthful, honest, genuine and transparent. I'd like someone who is forthcoming has nothing to hide ever. A lot of people can hit that high but I know that I want a relationship of integrity and none of the string around that only damages lives.

And someone I'm truly an interested in I like to bring her roses and sunflowers and other bouquets. I think there's nothing more special but giving to your loved ones always surprising your mate with how you feel for her. I think the greatest gift and life is to give and it's actually the most spiritually awarding. I've done volunteer work and I found that there's no better feeling helping someone out with their needs

please be local
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