I'm not a scammer !!!!! I'm a Christian song writer , Read profile Please :)

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Hello , thanks for stopping by :)////////// Read lyrics below ..."Just a man " thank you

I'm not a scammer !!!!! I'm a Christian song writer , I have not released any of my songs yet so if you would like to hear them send me your E-mail address and I will send you a mp3 file , this my ministry so feel free to share these songs , you never know who might be drawn to our Savior !....songs are very well produced and fully copyrighted share share share ;)....and no I'm not getting paid for this ...It's all free ...thank you and have a blessed day :......................... UPDATE>>>these songs have been sent to women all over the world from this site from here USA to Africa, Indonesia, Philippines... so if I were a bad person I would have been banned from this site years ago.....and no I won't share your e-mail and I hope you won't share mine ..thanks ;)

if your a shallow woman , just move on now ...I'm not 6' 3" and I'm not rich that will narrow the field quite a bit
I am rich in the Love of our LORD JESUS ...I hope you are as well .

Just like everyone else I'm looking for MY special someone !

I might be your guy if you like
funny quick wit personality .
Dedication in relationships
hard worker
and so on :)

If you can play an instrument and or sing that would be great :)

this is a sample of the songs I write

"Just a man "

I stand before you Lord I'm just a man
an empty vessel formed from your mighty hand
I filled this vessel full of greed and lust
and things of this world that I thought I could trust
they left me empty Lord and dead as dust

Now in your presence Lord I feel a void
with longing and yearning for something more

My life I have lived for me
this world had it's grip on me
so tight that I couldn't see
a gift that could set me free

I look in the mirror Lord regretting the past
my history of sin is deep and vast
with feelings of shame now piercing my heart
deeply convicted there's a brand new start

Lord is time for me to walk by faith
surrender my life to receive your grace

your son came to die for me
is the price you have paid for me
Jesus shed His blood for me
and His resurrection set me free

with eyes wide open now I understand
my life with out you was never your plan
I need a savior Lord I need your hand
in the presence of grace your love has healed this man

now in your presence Lord I'll take a knee
your grace and love has transformed me

your son came to die for me
is the price that you paid for me
Jesus shed His blood for me
His resurrection set me free

now in your presence stands a brand new man
Jesus in you I'll forever stand
the sin I've embraced is completely erased
so darkness and shame now have no place
my Lord and Savior has delivered me
my blessed redeemer has set me free

I kook forward to meeting you ..God Bless !
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to me a first date is different than a first meeting , first meeting , coffee or something . first date a nice long walk in the park followed by a nice dinner somewhere
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