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About Me
As a mentor professionally, I love watching people grow and succeed in what they're trying to do. There is no more satisfying thing than to watch someone take another step in completing their goal or endeavor and knowing that you are there beside them to congratulate them!

If I can describe one thing that matches me the best, it would be that. I love growing more and more into the kind of man that I can be proud of, one that enriches those around me. Even if I don't find anyone to date [or eventually marry] I can still say that watching people become happier and more optimistic [even if it's just a little bit] thanks to having known me.

As far as hobbies go, most are closer to projects than anything else. I do enjoy going to the park in the morning to play disc golf with friends, or in the evening to look at the stars, however most of my hobbies are indoor.

I am extremely religious and a lot of my personal growth has come from that. I've preached many times and have taught classes which gave me the foundation to do what I do at work.

My goals, as far as professionally, are very nearly met. I'm satisfied in what I do and being able to lift up my team [both as the trainer and as a lead] and knowing that they can come to me for help even if unrelated to work means a lot to me.

Outside of the professional world, I'd say my aspirations would be in a field where I can help people who have had rough childhoods that have affected their self-worth and confidence. I've been there myself for many years so I do everything I can to soften the pain of those around me and if possible, to make sure they don't go through the path I've taken to get here.]

I also maintain a website with many of my articles, sermons, and religious talks posted there. Being a full time preacher would be a very satisfying aspiration as well.

I'd say what makes me unique is that I'm not the kind of person to stand at the front and make things all about me. I'm to the side and encouraging those who are ahead of me to reach even higher, which in turn encourages me and those around me to reach higher as well. I'm not a "it's you or me" kind of person, but I tell people all the time "There is plenty of room at the top, and I want to help you get there."

I'm extremely down to earth and aside from when I need to be otherwise, tend to be quite reserved. That's not to say I'm not paying attention nor being standoffish. I'm very open and honest in what I believe but at the same time won't push my beliefs on others. I have very different standards for myself than I do my friends, with the exception being if those friends harm my reputation or ability to continue being a role model.

As such to the best of my ability I live by virtues, especially self-discipline, loyalty, and integrity. I do ask anyone who may potentially want to date me [or to go further] to live by virtues similarly. If you are not a person of good repute and character then we would frustrate each other, so as a courtesy to both of us, I'm being honest about it now.
First Date
On a first date we would go somewhere neutral and low [if possible no] pressure. We would discuss matters of morals and character, most likely faith as well. I would want to find out as much about you as I possibly could and would hope that you'd care enough about me to do the same.

What better way to find out if we are compatible in what truly matters?

After eating/getting a drink we'd go to the park or somewhere quiet and talk while enjoying the beauty of God's creation around us. Honestly as it'd be every bit as much your date than mine I'd leave it in your hands so long as it remained appropriate.
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