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Discussions on biblical concepts, doing something more, snowboarding, cutting down trees without hitting my truck, seeing where people come from and what has been used to craft them, curious to find out why so many people are falling away...
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So I just plan on rotating out random comments that I come across, with a little bit of food for thought at the end. It will probably range from "Hey that's a good question" to "Oh my Lanta, why would you say that" warning... read on at your own risk.

The following comment was made by an atheist as an argument to push a Christian off their foundation, and will be released over the next few days in manageable pieces.

As you read through this, fight the want to be offended and candidly ask what evidence do I have, then honestly state it. If you do not have evidence do not worry, I can walk you through where to look and how to perceive it. The only question is are you a skeptic or a cynic?

The Comment:
"What, exactly, is your basis for believing that the Bible is True; not necessarily the word of god, but true? Remember, your answer can’t be “Because the Bible says it’s true”, ANY book would be true by that measure, and any religion would be true by that measure. They can’t ALL be true because they contradict each other."

Break down;
First thing we have to come to is to know that he is a cynic. There is no answer that will satisfy his question, their are people in this world that we just have to give the Gospel to, and let them decide to reject it or seek the LORD. Second he makes a bad attempt at taking away our best defense for scripture, because GOD (not the bible) said it was true. Wait what!? Yes God, remember the Bible is our historical account of what God has said, done, promised, revealed, fulfilled, sacrificed for us. Just like this post is an extension of me and who I am, scripture is an extension of God and who He is, what He loves, hates, wants, and cherishes. Plus the reliability of scripture compared to say what we know about Aristotle, from a skeptical view on both, the Bible would win 10 out of 10 times. check the link below for a video on the reliability of the bible.

Although this video holds a perspective, it is but an iota in a plethora of evidence. Remains of pharos army at the bottom of the red sea, Abraham Issac and Jacob (Israel) recorded in hieroglyphics of the pyramids, the use of the bible by non believing professionals to find locations of lost cities, ministry of Dr. Grady McMurtey, the reliance of social and psychological teachings that hold standard to modern understanding, the reliability of how to live out a long marriage, the effects of our sins on ourselves and others, the list goes on.....

Please send your answers and options in a private message. I may ask for your permission to post part of our conversation on this thread to help others walk it out.
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It will be like playing cat and mouse to get to a first date, and by then you'll just have to see what we come up with.
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