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I love JESUS and my daughters (24, 22). I enjoy my devotional time, the time with my girls and the rest of my family. I enjoy attending Bible Studies, and the fellowship at my church. I'm looking for someone willing to attend my church.
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The longest it took me to figure out a relationship wasn't going to workout was 13 years, the shortest has been about 30 seconds. Fool me once shame on you... My divorce was final in '07 but I wanted to wait for my girls to grow up and I wanted them to have at least one home that felt like a sanctuary for them. I also didn't want them or my future wife to feel like they had to compete for my time and affection. My 22yo lives with me, but girls that age don't spend too much time with their dad. My 24yo lives with mom and visits her sister and I about once a week.

I don't walk up to lines I don't want to cross, I stay away from them, but there aren't that many... Hahaha J.K. People have different boundaries so it might appear like one of us doesn't have any at times. How do you feel about national boarders? You should feel like that when I encroach... No no no, you're supposed to stay on the other side of the river. No I can cross the river! Hahaha. I'm patient, not secretive, and not argumentative. I joke a lot and can take a joke so someone that can take a joke would be nice too... I'm not a push over I just don't feel some arguments or fights are worth having. "What would you like to eat today? Um, how about pizza! Nah I don't feel like pizza..." It's obvious we're not eating pizza and I'm satisfied that you're choosing to eat with me so I'm not going to turn it into an argument.

I work 5 days a week about 55hrs per week, and have been with the same employer for 14+ years.

I know my strengths and weaknesses, one is I don't have the gift of humility... Is that a strength or a weakness?

I serve at a juvenile hall and a convalescent home, as outreach ministries.

Glamorized or slightly filtered or adjusted pictures are fine but I'd like to see at least one real picture, preferably smiling. Only one picture real or fake is a little too catfishy to me. Meow.... So please multiple pictures in multiple poses.

I like kids, camping, hiking, swimming, and a little gardening. I like walking the mall, going to restaurants, and going to the movies, but I'm usually either spending time with my church or earthly families.

I think christian online dating promotes promiscuity among the body of CHRIST, but since we're all scattered its either this or going to a 3rd world country and doing one of those 90 day fiancee things... Hahaha.

I'm looking for a woman with convictions about her faith and values, that also loves my GOD, a chaste Christian woman, because that's how my girls were raised. I've been Praying for my wife for many years. Have I been Praying for you? Don't miss out at a chance at a unicorn! Hmm I might have that gift after all... Hahaha
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That's fast! You're already asking me out on a date? Well then, on the first date we'd talk about the wedding... Hahaha.
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