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Any decent woman that wants children and is pro-life. Hike, bike, play catch, discuss Bible, music, art, invention, design, sensible climate.
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I will like a little affection and to have kids.
Details are important.


I am interested in any half beautiful woman who wants kids and can visit me in Grand Forks, North Dakota without needing me to send money. I have interest in women that reside in the United States, are not married, are of child-bearing years, do not have kids, and want to hasten to have kids.

I am passed my prime. Nothing ideal about me. If you are looking for a young buck, Ezekiel 23:20 does not describe me. I have lost my wealth. I don't have money to give or anything great to offer a woman in the present other than being a stay at home dad while you have other pursuits.

I think kids are affordable. As long as children are in good health and do not do something bad, children are affordable. It is adults that are expensive. Who can afford an adult?

I will like an arrangement that results in children, NOT ABORTION. Abortion is murdering your best friend.
It is killing YOUR OWN flesh and blood. Mother's Day has become the most GUILT-FILLED day of the year. Women do not feel like being honored for having murdered their children. Abortion is giving the most brutal of death penalties to the most innocent of humans for crimes they did not commit. Unborn children are the most innocent of human beings. Abortion is executing the most innocent of human beings in the most gruesome of ways. The most brutal of deaths for the most innocent of humans. If you are open to abortion, do not write me. If you are open to "the pill" please do not write me.

In this world of imperfect men, which imperfect man you pick? A woman has a 20 to 25 year window of opportunity for children. Those years are now spent on other things. Women are putting off motherhood. That said, I offer you an opportunity to have both. You can pursue your income and career and other things while I stay home and watch the kids.

You want children (as Rachel and Leah in Genesis 30; as Hannah in 1 Samuel 1, and as Tamar in Genesis 38) Your womb is a safe place for babies to grow. I will like a Proverbs 31:10-31 kind of woman or an Isaiah 4:1 kind of woman or a Genesis 30 kind of woman.

Biblegateway.com is a great site for studying the Bible and looking up verses quickly.

There is an increase of evil on this planet: Abortion, men marrying men, women marrying women, LGBTQ Plus.
The world is getting worse. These are the opposite of God's plan for family.
Planned Parenthood is PLAN MURDER, PLAN DEATH.
More marriages go the way of divorce, and the ones that don't should.
Skip all that. The edict from God is "The two shall become one flesh." But we say it not count without human custom. So we replace God's word with our own human customs. (Mark 7:13)
Marriages have become too risky. Is Ezekiel 16:8 and Ruth 3:8-10 good enough for you?
Skip the custom and go with the edict. "The two shall become one flesh." (Mark 10:8)
Ezekiel 16:8 and Ruth 3:8-10 are good enough for you, they are good enough for me.
God said "The two shall become one flesh." But we say it doesn't count without human customs. Thus, we nullify God's word. 1 Corinthians 6:16 tells us it counts.

God could have made us all as Adam - out of dust.
He could have made us all as Eve - out of someone else's rib.
He could have made us all as Jesus - born of a virgin.
But he chose to make us male and female to in this way involve us in his plan for family.

PLEASE DON'T ASK FOR MONEY. Can there be a correspondence without people asking me for money?
I really get tired of all the requests for money. As soon as you go to regular e-mails, people are asking for money. Everybody has bills to pay. I do too. That said, I have no money to send people to come to the United States. You will need to fund your own trip and pay your own bills.

I don't comprehend God very well. God baffles me. All is life OUTSIDE the Garden. Yet, I will rather God rule than that Satan rule.
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