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Music, guitars, adventure, walking, swimming, games, movies, tv, karaoke, rock 'n' roll dancing, camping, friends, family, church

Pop/rock, heavy metal, punk, hard rock (and much more)

Sci-fi/horror, comedy

I play guitar and bass in church.
About Me
Hello, my name is Jeremy. I live in Melbourne, where I enjoy my friends, church and the live music scene. I am originally from Sydney (North Shore), and I have lived in Canberra for quite a long time, too.

I am deeply sensitive and romantic. I'm looking for a woman to love me for who I am, that I can love and marry.
Always happy to make friends and chat buddies as well.
So let's chat, perhaps have a date, and try for friendship first.

I value family, friends, church, adventure, worthwhile work, and fun/relaxation.

I play lead guitar in rock bands. I am pretty hot in the Melbourne music scene, especially on dance floors.
I like to walk around, explore everywhere. I'm definitely down for some travel. My dream destinations include Antarctica.
I love adventure sports, too, such as mountain biking, kayaking and hiking.
I like to see friends and hang out, chill or party.
I like to swim in the ocean.
I like to be with church family for worship, study, support and fun.
At home I like to listen to music, watch movies and play guitar.

I am a very caring, honest and genuine person, and I will do anything for my friends and family.
I am very shy and quiet. I'd say more introverted, but apparently I am ENTP.
I'm a street punk but I have a "good" heart. I am very sensitive and endlessly loving.
I am polite, caring, kind and respectful. I will make the right woman feel very special and valued every day. I like to look after my friends, too.

I love Chinese food and similar, especially spicy. (So far, my favourite restaurant is a Korean place.) I have recently been cooking my own special fried rice, and I learnt to speak some Cantonese love phrases. I know some Japanese language, and I enjoy karaoke with my friends. I make very good sandwiches. Very keen to learn more Asian cooking.

I am generally regarded as kind, funny, caring, helpful, intelligent, cool, different.
First impressions of me, I probably seem like a rough cut, quiet, shy person. There is definitely much more to me, and I have lots of great friends that have found who I really am and care about me a lot. If you saw me in my element (such as on stage), you'd think I am really outgoing.
I have always believed in Jesus. Though I am very street-level, I do hold conservative Christian values, and I have strong ethical integrity.
I have found joy in trusting God through the hardest times, and in the blessings he has given me - mainly in the form of people that love me, in nature, and in music.

FB: Jeremy Bird /jerrylightning
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Psalm 51.
First Date
Scenic walk, sit in a park, lunch (Asian food)
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